2018 Rock Im Park in Nuremberg

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2018 Rock Im Park in Nuremberg
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The timing of the festival:
1-4 June 2018
The venue of the festival:
Zeppelin Field, Nuremberg, Germany
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A visa is required:
Schengen (Germany)

About the festival

Rock Im Park– twin (almost) another festival Rock Am Ring. Is Rock Im Park in Nuremberg, located in the North German state of Bavaria. ВэтомгодунаRock Im Park will perform Gorillaz, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Muse, Marylin Manson, Babymetal, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari. For a complete list you can read here: http://www.rock-im-park.com/lineup?edition=2018

Opening of festival sites

For the convenience of local residents, Parking and camping will be open at 9 a.m. may 31. Arrival before this time is pointless, since all the other zones will be closed.

Campsite and arrival

Three-day ticket of the festival can be considered as "all-inclusive-ticket". This means that it includes access to the camping area, except: "ZeppelinStagecamper", "caravancamper" and "backstagecamper". Access to these exclusive places camping requires an additional ticket.

As a rule, you are not entitled to a specific campsite. The security staff will assign you a seat depending on the space that is still available.

The Parking lot is allowed to use only the Parking of cars and trailers - it is impossible to sleep and put up tents.

Please note that camping "in the wild" is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted by the police and security personnel

Everyone attending the festival area, which also includes Parking and camping, must have a valid authorization is in the form of a festival wristband and a ticket of the festival.

Please note that people who are in a closed camp without permission will be punished.

Prohibited items on site

People and Luggage which they are bound, are optionally checked for prohibited items upon entry to the campsite. Visitors with a lot of Luggage and filled with trucks should expect a long queue to enter the camping area.

The following guidelines will help you avoid a long timeout:

Bring only what you really need

Carefully read the list of prohibited and permitted items. For example, glass bottles, gas cylinders and power units are not allowed in the camping area.

If you follow these rules, you can quickly go through the checkpoint.

The use of a camping area. General rules

Please only use official campsites. They offer enough space for every visitor. Sites for camping are numbered for orientation - please refer to the signs at the entrance to the site. If your desired area for the campsite is already occupied, please refer to the led screens in the information/service centers TerminalA & B and follow the instructions of the staff.

No differentiation (rain gutter) can't be dug around the camping tents. Tents for parties and the power supply is forbidden!

Marked in white escape route should be always visible!

The camping site should only be used for its intended purpose. Digging the borders of the tents (similar to a moat) or digging holes to use them as refrigerators is considered as property damage. If these rules are ignored, the security personnel will submit a complaint to the police. The festival venue is located in the leisure area and the natural Park and therefore is not a Playground. Thank you for understanding!

Rules of camping

To ensure security and order, and to promote friendly cooperation in the camping, Parking rules, and camping are a must for every visitor.

You must comply with the orders of the stewards and the security personnel; they are used in addition to the General provisions.

The German road traffic Act (StVO) applies throughout the territory of the event and to the Parking area and campsites. You can only Park vehicles with a total permitted weight of up to max. of 3.5 t and only in the absence of a trailer car in the Parking lot. As an exception, car parks, caravans, trailer tents and passenger buses can be parked by the owners of the tickets to vans to caravans and caravan badges for an additional fee where indicated separately. Parking in unmarked areas is prohibited and will be prosecuted by law, vehicles may be parked only on an approved Parking area. Vehicles parked outside marked Parking spaces or causing obstructions on the roads or in rescue bands, can be towed without warning.

No right to the provision of certain Parking and/or camping within the booked category. Parking and camping areas are opened as required and distributed to visitors by the stewards. Evacuation and rescue of the strip should always be cleared of any structures.

Wild camping outside of designated spots is forbidden and will be strictly prosecuted. Participants may use only the marked camping areas.

It is impossible to bring and set up large tents.

Vehicles parked in Parking lots not controlled. Vehicle is parked at the risk and responsibility of the owner.

The organizer is not responsible for damages and losses incurred by members due to burglary, fire, natural phenomena or other incidents. Valuables can be placed in the lockers for a fee.

The entrance to the camping is only permitted with located on the hand, undamaged festival bracelet and the respective ticket.

Luggage can be transported from the Parking lot to the campsite with the help of hand trucks or platform trucks; transport trailers cannot be delivered to the campsite.

At the entrance to the camping area are checking Luggage. The organizer has the right to refuse entry to the campsite if the visitor has prohibited items.

The whole area of activities is in the area of water conservation. Nature needs to be protected. Therefore, the generators cannot be allowed; their use is officially banned.

Operation of sound systems and generators are not allowed in Parking lots and in campgrounds.

No ditches or other openings (e.g. for cooling) cannot be dug in areas of the campsite.

Compliance with the ground marking the escape route is required. Rescue path must be clean under any circumstances.

Animals may not be brought into the Parking lot and camping.

Gas appliances must be in good condition and conform to the German DIN standard. Can only use gas cartridges (and valve plug-in cartridges) with a maximum weight of 450 g. Open fires and campfires are not allowed.

During the event waste must be disposed of in containers intended for this purpose in the waste collection points. For cleanliness stewards will be given free of charge for additional garbage bags.

Ways, systems and all facilities of the campsite must be clean and handled with care. This also applies to toilets, showers and dressing rooms. Urinating outside the toilets, provided for this purpose is not allowed. The pollution of waters prohibited. Destruction damage trees and groves in Parking lots, in campgrounds and adjacent forests is prohibited and will be persecuted as vandalism.

Failure to comply with Parking regulations and camping can lead to temporary or complete removal from the territory of the event

Guests must leave the place for tents and Parking, leaving the place of stay is in order at the end of their stay. Leaving in order, in particular, includes the release of waste into containers, and their own camping equipment of the guest must be completely dismantled and removed. Dismantling, cleaning the private area of the participant, waste management, and check out must be completed no later than 10 a.m. on Monday, when all the Parking lots and camping close.

Grill and open fire

Grilling is only permitted with ready-made small compact lattices. To avoid accidents do not use alcohol or gasoline when cooking on the grill. Also flammable liquid do not pour on the coals. Please, never leave the grill unattended.

Also, don't forget to completely grind the coals and extinguish them with water. Sudden quenching with water leads to the formation of large amounts of hot steam that can cause burns. Additionally, the coal should not be dumped on the lawn or other surface for cooling, it must be disposed with the trash after a complete cooling.

All gas appliances must be technically sound and conform to the German DIN standard. Can only use gas cartridges (and valve plug-in cartridges) with a maximum weight of 450 g. Large gas cylinders, open flame and fire is prohibited.

The grill may be prohibited for reasons of safety in a storm or similar weather conditions. The security service should be informed immediately if fire breaks out, even if you can extinguish the fire yourself.

With regard to the incidents over the past few years, the organizers would like to stress once again that the grill is allowed outdoors only and under no circumstances in tents or other areas of the festival due to suffocation and fire hazard!


To avoid injury, organisers carefully check the site of the festival did not get glass containers!


Will no longer Deposit waste, as the proposals and commitments were not utilized sufficiently. At the same time, the organizers promise to increase our efforts to keep the festival clean and dispose of waste appropriately.

The fall of the trees in the camping area

In the areas of camping may fall in the branches of large trees. Especially when it is windy!

Of course, regularly check the city of Nuremberg, but the risk can never be completely eliminated.

How to get to the festival

By train you can easily reach the Central station of Nuremberg. In Bavaria you can use the "Bayern-Ticket" to "DeutscheBahn", which is valid for all local and regional services in Bavaria. Information on routes can be found on www.bahn.de.

From the Central station VGN offers a comfortable journey on. Travellers arriving by car can use the Park & Ride.

Take the S-Bahn or tram Dutzendteich to Doku-Zentrum is the fastest way to get to the campsite.

You will need a valid ticket for travel VGN local public transport. For travel in Nuremberg (including fürth and Stein) applies, the price level A. it is Advisable to buy TagesTicketSolo for one person (8,10 Euro) or TagesTicketPlus for six people, two of which max. allowed more than 18 years old (12,30 Euro).

The ticket is valid from 12:00 on the day before closing (usually 3am in the next day or until the end of the service Nightliner). If TagesTicket will be purchased on Saturday, Sunday included!

You can buy your ticket at the online store VGN through the app "VGNFahrplan & Tickets", or in automatic ticket.


Since 2007 Stageliner is the official carrier for the festival RockImPark. Just hop on the bus, go into a fun journey and arrive without problems in the camping.

Thursday, may 31, you can take Stageliner from more than 30 cities in Germany and Austria to Nuremberg.

Guests Stageliner will be planted directly in front of the campsite. Enjoy the luxury of a comfortable and relaxed journey without searching for Parking spaces or campsites.

Departure will be after the festival in the night from Sunday to Monday 4 June at 2.00 in the morning. You can see the latest concerts and have time to pack their things.

Every year the team Stageliner-Crew will be available throughout the festival for your questions, problems and emergencies

Book a ride on the bus on RockImPark, optionally with a ticket for the weekend with or without him, right www.stageliner.de

General camping

3-day festival ticket "General camping" is a ticket "all inclusive". This means that for camping at no additional charge, but you can't claim a certain place for camping. The staff will allocate you a place on the basis of available space. Camping for use - CP 1, 4 and 5.

In Parking lots only allowed cars. Sleep in the car or camping is strictly prohibited.


On vehicles:

Please decide before you arrive at the campsite where you want to stay. Depending on your favourite places for camping, please use designated Parking. We recommend arriving via Bayernstraße for CP 5, 8 and 9. For CP 1 and 4 select GroßeStraße. In place, please follow signs for camping.

Also, will the dynamic control system Parking, which will inform you about the availability of Parking. If filled Parking areas are closed, turn off the GPS and just follow the traffic control system.


Please follow the traffic signs and instructions of employees on site.

By public transport from the Central station of Nuremberg

S-Bahn line S2 (direction of Altdorf) and line S3 (direction Neumarkt), StopDutzendteich

Tram: line 9 (direction Doku-Zentrum), stop Doku-Zentrum

In addition, bus line 65 stops on the Volksfestplatz and the Doku-Zentrum (footpath 5 minutes)


You can find the toilets in any place in the entire camping a distance of max. 250m. Flushable toilets are also available for a service charge in the amount of 0,50 Euro for 1 usage. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Shower available on site for a service charge of EUR 3 per 1 use. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Green Camping

Every year after the festival remains a large amount of debris that you must collect, sort, recycle or remove. From year to year, the amount of waste, such as furniture or tents. At the same time, there is a high demand for quiet camping.

The Green Camping area allows all visitors interested in a more clean and relaxed atmosphere at the festival, be located in separate zones in CP 6, CP 6.1. / CP 6.3. / CP 6.4. and 6.5 MS near the Coliseum.

Due to the limited capacity of places for camping in Green Camping area requires purchase of "Ticket Festival Weekend Camping Green". Additional fees are incurred. After this it is impossible to purchase or register for Green Camping.

Please note that the rules for the zone Green Camping are the same as for all other campsites! In particular, pay attention to the rules / regulations of camping at the entrance. In addition, please observe the curfew from 1:00 to 7:00. There will be several places for dumping of waste which will be emptied frequently. Each visitor takes their tents and camping gear. Only allowed tents - no additional structures.


There are several Parking places near the Green Camping CP 6, CP 6.1 CP 6.3 CP 6.4 CP and 6.5, which are located in the Coliseum and beyond. If the capacity is exhausted, you need to choose one of the remaining Parking RockimPark and to reach the area GreenCamping. Camping is not possible to unload Luggage or trailer.

Upon presentation of a "Festival Weekend Ticket - Green Camping" at check-CP 5/6/8/9 you will receive a wristband that will allow you to enter the Green zone Camping and the festival site.


You can find the toilets in any place in the entire camping a distance of max. 250m. Flushable toilets are also available for a service charge in the amount of 0,50 Euro for 1 usage. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Shower available on site for a service charge of EUR 3 per 1 use. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Zeppelin Stage Camping

Ticket holders can ZeppelinStageCampingTicket camping in the vicinity of the main stage and must use a separate entrance, which is only available through Max-Morlock-Platz (opposite the stadium). In addition to the excellent location, ZeppelinStageCamping offers direct access to the Zeppelin Stage area. In addition, there is a free sanitary facilities and private Parking spaces.

If you decide to use a Zeppelin Stage Camping, please note the following points

1. A reserved section of the campground

Zeppelin Stage Camping has a strictly limited capacity. When buying tickets you must decide in what area you want to be - similar to reserving seats where you will be shown all the currently available plots. Impossible later to change. Everyone needs their own camping.

The main advantage is that each guest ZeppelinStageCamper will get their own guaranteed seat with enough size (about 2 * of 2.50 meters per person). Please note that if you want to camp with your friends, you will have to choose the closest site during the purchase process.

Visitors should have the Zeppelin Stage Camping Ticket and Festival Weekend Ticket to gain access to the Zeppelin Stage Camping!

2. How can I find my campsite?

After you got the bracelet at point C, the security personnel in GateE will help you find your reserved area for camping - please keep your ticket with the number of camps under the hand!

Please note that the rules for the Zeppelin Stage Camping are the same as for all other campsite (except designated camping)! In particular, pay attention to the rules of camping at the entrance.

Upon presentation of a ticket Zeppelin Stage CampingTicket Ticket and your Festival Ticket at check-in you will receive a bracelet Zeppelin Stage Camping that will allow you to enter the stadium Zeppelin Stage Camping and on the festival site.


Flushable toilets in the Camping area Zeppelin Stage free.

Shower area in the Zeppelin Stage Camping free.

Backstage Camping

Rock Im Park 2018 announces the availability of a "Backstage Camping" for the second time! Guests have the opportunity to get the festival experience right beside the stage Zeppelin Stage in their own campsite. It starts right at arrival, with pre-assembled tents, large in comfort and ready for immediate use.

There are two zones: the "Coleman Backstage Bamp A" and "Seaside Backstage Camp B". Backstage Camper is granted access to both zones, however, you need to decide what area you want to camp during the ordering process.

Rock Im Risnov joined the partner of Coleman®, which brings more than 100 years of passion and experience in the outdoor and camping field to make BackstageCamping possible. Millions of tourists around the world trust the high-quality outdoor products with their first-class tents and camping Coleman raises Camping at Rock Im Park to a whole new level.

Along with complete camping equipment and a first class location, this exclusive area also offers Parking in close proximity (optionally, to order). Backstage in the camp has a reception, free Wi-Fi, sockets for the mains, exclusive sanitary facilities and paved the way to the camp. The hotel also has a private lounge and bar.

Warning / Attention: Important information about ordering

During the process of ordering the tent should be selected using maps of the area. The map shows all currently available tents. Unfortunately, to change up the tent impossible.

This ticket includes only admission to BackstageCamp. In addition, regardless of this, each participant is required 1 ticket to the festival WeekendFestival. When ordering can be added for more icon Parking.

Advantages Backstage Camping

- full equipment

full deployment

- full equipment for camping

- stay connected: free Wi-Fi

- power supply

exclusive sanitary facilities

- lounge and bar

- fantastic location close to the Zeppelin stage (main stage)

- access permission

the first and second barriers

- private entrance to the zone Zeppelin

- convenient location

- short distance to the festival

- nearby Parking (optional)

The owners of Weekend Festival ticket Ticket - GeneralCamping allowed to use public car parks that are marked on the festival site. Additional car Park sign for car Park C 7, which is right at BackstageCamping can be added to the order during the order process. You will receive your Parking ticket before the festival.

Upon presentation of a ticket BackstageCampTicketи Weekend Festival Ticket in Terminal B you will receive a fabric bracelet, which will allow you to enter the camp Backstage and on the festival site

Toilets premium in camp Backstage are free.

Shower premium inside the camp Backstage free.

Caravan Camping

As trailers, campers, camping buses, and folding trailers are not allowed on a normal Parking lot and the campsites you need an extra ticket, "Trailer" or "camper" camping-caravan. It includes vehicles that offer permanent housing for each passenger. The maximum number of people permitted to sleep in the car, is equal to the number of beds. The total weight is restricted to 3.5 tons. Cars are not allowed in the campsite for caravans.

If you decide to go on RockImPark trailer or camper, please note:

1. Parking badge

Each trailer / R. V 1 requires the appropriate badge for camping Caravan. Each badge CaravanCamping allows to access separate Parking lots for caravans. In addition, one 1 tent or 1 small tent can be installed directly next to the vehicle. Access to the place for caravans is only possible in combination with a valid ticket to the caravan-camping and a Weekend Festival ticket.

2. Guest ticket to Caravan Camping

Each tenant (including the driver) required 1 valid ticket for caravans camping combined with 1 TicketFestival.

3. Parking

Trailers and campers have a private Parking lot

Please note that the rules for camping Caravan– the same as for all other campsites! In particular, pay attention to the rules of camping at the entrance.

Upon presentation of a ticket "Caravan Camping Guest" Weekend Festival Ticket at check-in you will receive a wristband that will allow you to enter the Seating area in the caravan and on the festival website


Flush toilets in the area of the caravans are free and are located on either side of the hotel.


Shower within the area of the caravans is free of charge.

Camping for bikers

For bikers, the organizers created a separate area for camping where you can camp next to your motorcycle. You do not need to register for this.

Please note that the rules for the site for motorcycle camping are the same as for all other campsites! In particular, pay attention to the rules of camping at the entrance.

Upon presentation TicketFestivalTicket at check-in B you will receive a wristband that will allow you to access to General camping and to the festival.

You can find the toilets in any place in the entire camping a distance of max. 250m. Flushable toilets are also available for a service charge in the amount of 0,50 Euro for 1 usage. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Shower available on site for a service charge of EUR 3 per 1 use. Season tickets for the whole festival for toilet and shower rooms available in the terminals and the box office for 10 euros.

Alternative camping

You can find additional information on alternatives to camping through the tourist center of Nuremberg tourismus.nuernberg.de.


Before you go to the festival for the first time, your tickets must be scanned on the spot check-ins (registration). Festival bracelet, without it losing its validity. The organizers warn: don't buy tickets inside or in front of a festival field! Buy your tickets only from the organizers and officials in the ticket office at the entrance To (terminal). The organizers will not be able to take any complaints and liability for void tickets.

One-day ticket

You will receive a one-day wristband only on the day that matches your ticket at the registration point A and B.

If one-day tickets still remain available, then they can be bought only for cash the cashier GroßeStraße and the terminal B. After the payment you will receive a bracelet.

Please note that day tickets do not include Parking and camping. This means that you will not be able to go to the territory of the camping, and you will not be able to visit their friends, if they will stay there. The organizers strongly recommended to use public transport for one day ticket holders Parking will not be provided.

Age limit

The festival grounds are to be prohibited for infants and children under 8 years.

Children from 8 to 14 can attend concerts with accompaniment.

Children under 16 are allowed in the camping area accompanied by an adult.

With the permission of parents, young people from 14 to 16 can attend concerts without an escort until midnight. Parents need to fill out a form.

Accompanying persons can only be the parents, not just people older.

The foregoing rules have been adopted for the concerts, but not for dance events.


Security rules affect a large number of procedures that are created, coordinated and supported by the police and officials. Additionally, the organizers reserve the right to change from.

The organizers hope to promote the festival guests!

The better is the adherence to the following rules, the faster and more efficiently pass the examination for entrance to the festival and camping. Please check out the detailed instructions:

Allowed to bring the following items:



Empty plastic bottles

Medications (for asthma, tablets, etc.)


Contact lenses and all of them needed

Antibacterial hand gel

Cigarette / electronic cigarette


Little insulin bottles

At the entrance to the festival grounds will not be permitted to carry prohibited items. You will be able to throw them away or take them to a tent or your vehicle.

There is also the possibility to store them in the lockers for a fee outside of camp.

Please always carry your car keys with you – especially when you leave the camping area. In the case of accident or severe storm, you will be able to quickly take cover in his car.


Info/service centers for the scene Zepplin Camper, Caravan Camper and individuals with disabilities are in the terminal or at the entrance to the camping CP 4 "AnimalPark". The terminal, which also runs the registration on backstage, near Streintribühne in zone V.

The staff around the clock ready to answer any questions about the festival. You can refer to any employee on any issue.

Please note that all tickets you can also pick up at terminal B. For this you need to provide ID and proof of ticket purchase.

The place to meet

Central meeting place is the information center in terminal A at GroßeStrasse. This is a great place to meet friends if you are lost.


In addition to the meeting place in you can also navigate by the towers and panels along with directions and local plans located throughout. Both terminals A and b can also be a good guidance. Also don't hesitate to ask the direction of the guards.


This year you can bring on the area of the festival only empty bottles. No beverages on the festival area is not allowed.

On the festival field and in the shower area will be located a huge number of water faucets where you can fill your bottles.

Throughout installed 8 free taps that you can use.

You can also quench your thirst, buying a bottle of water 0,5 l in one of the many selling points of water, which offer mineral water for the price of 1 Euro (+Deposit).

Lockers mobile charging

The organizers are advised to keep their devices safe. Despite the fact that the camping area is protected, the organizers are not responsible for the safety of your belongings. There is no way to store in the lockers in front of the main entrance prohibited on the festival site items, so you don't have to bring them out of their tents and cars, but can use them after the concerts.

Reservation of lockers is dependent on the availability

Don't forget the charger cord!

Lost and found

You can bring found items to the information service in terminals A and b, and also to the police station, located at the stadium. Reception is possible only at the police station. The exact location you will find.

Opening hours: Friday from 14.00 to 18.00, Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 to 18.00 and Monday from 9.00 to 14.00.

If you discover the loss after the festival, you can always just search a database of found items in the city of Nuremberg (www.fundbuero-nuernberg.de)


If you run out of cash during the festival, you can use the ATMs in terminal A and between scenes ZeppelinStageи ParkStage. ATMs have been installed only for RockimPark and take the usual debit and credit cards.

Warning and advice

In cooperation with local available around the clock for any questions. Area outside of the festival with the bus and the Desk offers a tranquil atmosphere for relaxation. You can also try delicious cocktails from non-alcoholic bar.


The main task of security service is to protect your safety and to monitor compliance with the rules of the festival and purity. And most importantly, they are your contact person for any matter relating to the festival. You must strictly follow the instructions, it is in your best interest. You will be able to identify representatives of the security service at the colored vests and the unique ID numbers.

Around Rock Im Park

From the festival area to the public transport no more than 10 minutes, you can stroll through the historic part of the city of Nuremberg.

There are several recreational opportunities at the festival:


If you need to freshen up a bit, and you want to swim, there is a huge stadium and a club bath tub, which also have showers and all the necessary equipment for hygiene. The exact location you will find.

Banned swimming in the lakes because of the soft silt.

Please pay attention to the signs!

Ferris wheel: enjoy the fantastic view from the height of the Ferris wheel!

The documentation centre

In addition to rock the marathon on the scene, the organizers recommend that you remove the historical time of the former Reichsparteitagsgelände in the documentation centre. More information about the Museum here:

Environmental protection

Please leave the camping area as clean as it was before your arrival. No more Deposit for the garbage, because, in any case, the organizers are asked to help in the processing and sorting of garbage. Please use the garbage containers that will be on-site camping. In the hedgehog time, the organizers will increase the effort for cleaning up the festival site.

Don't forget that other periods of the year the whole area is recreation for local residents and a habitat for many animal and plant species. Rare species of birds. About the harm caused to flora will be immediately reported to the police.

Competition "Umwelt Rocky"

In 2009, organizers held the first "UmweltRocky" in cooperation with partner Parkrocker. UmweltRocky is the prize for the cleanest place in the camp. It's a simple work – leave your place in the camp as clean as possible and fix it (for example, taking a photo or a few photos). To participate just post your photo with the hashtag #umweltrocky Instagram or on the forum "Parkrocker".


At the festival there are several stores where you can buy merch of the festival, and a variety of exclusive goods.

Something is missing? This year you will not lack in food and beverages at the festival. In LIDLRockShopв GroßeStraßeвы will be able to acquire all that you yield even more.

VIP-guests must collect their wristbands at the front Desk II (Valznerweiherstraße 200, 90480 Nuremberg - FCNPR-Room). Please follow the signs.


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