Rock Am Ring 2018 - get ready again!

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Rock Am Ring 2018 - get ready again!
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The timing of the festival:
June 1-3, 2018
The venue of the festival:
Nürburgring, Germany
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A visa is required:
Schengen (Germany)

About the festival

Rock Am Ring festival – twin (almost) of another of the festival Rock Im Park. Is Rock Am Ring at the nürburgring race track in Germany, near the village of nürburg. This year at Rock Am Ring will perform Gorillaz, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Muse, Marylin Manson, Babymetal, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari. For a complete list you can read here:


Permitted Parking of vehicles and trailers in designated Parking locations, but to put up tents or sleeping in vehicles is not. Parking areas for the following categories: General, Green, Rock'n'roll and Experience located near appropriate places for camping. Please follow the signs. Access to the Parking lots is permitted only with a valid camping ticket. Participants who do not want to camp on the spot, you can Park your car for the cost of the daily Parking lot on P 98 B412 and use the Shuttle bus service Redroute. The name of the bus stop - "Pflanzgarten".

Camping area

All campsites are close to Parking and accessible only on foot. Unloading of baggage is possible only in Parking lots. Luggage can be transported only with Parking spaces in camping areas using carts, hand trucks or carts for the platform. Road trailers are not permitted in the campgrounds. Allowable space per person in camping in the categories of "General camping" and "Green camp" and "Rock-n-roll camping" is not more than 6 m2. 2 m x 3 m. One (1) gazebo with a maximum size of 3 m x 3 m are allowed for groups up to 10 people. In the premises of Rock'n RollCamping food will be provided by the organizer.

To use the campsites you will need the following tickets:

General Camping: 1 General Parking and Camping for each participant

Green Camping: 1 Green Parking and Camping for each participant

Rock'n'roll Camping: 1 Rock'n'roll and Parking and Camping for each participant

Rock am Ring Experience: Experience Ticket

Camping for trailers

Only motorhomes, trailers, tent trailers, tow vehicles or RVS with installed bunks can be parked in the area CaravanCamping. One (1) additional awning, tent or gazebo can be installed alongside these vehicles. The group of caravans that arrive with various types of vehicles, be prepared to Park a normal car at the General Parking areas near the sites for caravans. In the areas of camping Caravan food will be provided by the organizer.

To use places for caravans, you will need the following tickets:

Caravan B-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket for participant and 1 B Caravan badge on the car

Caravan C-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping per participant and 1 Caravan badge C on the car.

Caravan D-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping per participant and 1 Caravan badge D on the car.

Stay in D10 for special buses

This is the stop for the special buses provided by the operator RMV to and from Koblenz and Ahrbrück train stations as well as buses provided by Schneider-Reisen Bank to and from Cologne, Bonn and Cologne/Bonn airport.

The bus stop in D10 may also be used by other bus companies for picking up and dropping off travel groups.

It is a stop for the special buses provided by the operator RMVв and from the train stations Koblenz and Ahrbrück, as well as buses offered Schneider-BankReisen to and from the airport Cologne/Bonn.

Bus stop in D10 can also be used in other bus companies for collecting and planting groups.

Becks RockSquare

There is a Becks RockSquare in B2, located on the way up to the main entrance. It's open from Thursday to Sunday and entry is free every day!

In the area B2 is Beck sRockSquare located on the way to the main entrance. It is open Thursday through Sunday, and admission is free every day!

Parking for bicycles

Free Parking for bicycles is located in B2 next to the information point. Parking is close, as the stewards are nearby. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your Bicycle. The organizer is not responsible for the damage. Bicycle Parking is available at all times from 12pm on Wednesday 30 may 2018 to 12 PM on Monday, 4 June 2018


Information points are located near the main entrance to B2 and at the roundabout at the entrance to the town of nürburg. During the festival you also have access to the information paragraph at the amusement Park. Detailed information on how to get to the information point and time of their opening will be announced here in advance of the event.

Parking lot Kiss-and-Ride

Parking Kiss-and-Ride, where you can land and pick up visitors. Area Kiss-and-Ride is located at the roundabout in front of the center of the information Track.


The police station is located on the B258 in the "Haus B" at the entrance to the Dorint am Nürburgring. It is available to all.

Of Gigen

Sanitary areas with flush toilets and showers are in the following areas: A2 / A5, B2a, B5, C3, D2, D6, D9, Krebsberg, Schwalbenschwanz, Brünnchen and B2 (equiped with shower, accessible for wheelchairs). In addition, all areas have portable toilets and stations of drinking water. The use of flush toilets at RockamRing 2018 for free! The fee for a shower in the sanitary areas is 3 euros. Discounts will also be provided, transmitted 5-single tickets and individual tariffs for showers.


Valuables and other important items can be deposited for a fee at the Central stations service BigBox at the main entrance InfoPoint and at the Northern entrance.

You can also use the locker for safe charging of mobile phones and other equipment such as sound systems, tablets or laptops.

Stations in both areas are always open from 12:00 to 12:00 on Monday.

You can book your cupboards right now on the page

Here you will also find all other information such as the size of the locker and charger.


LidlRockshop B1 is located just 100 metres from the main entrance. Here you will find a wide selection of dishes, drinks and other festival supplies, and ice to chill your products! All Shuttle buses stop at the supermarket from 9am daily, helping you to shop before visiting the festival.


At the roundabout on the B258 is the center of the cab, opposite the information centre nürburgring. It marked spectracom.


In 2018, you'll need a separate pre-purchased ticket to the campsite and use camping RockamRing. This simplifies the transportation of things to the territory, as well as capacity planning and also means we can offer visitors greater flexibility when planning a visit to the festival.

Available the following categories of camping: General Parking & Camping, Green Parking and Camping, Parking and Camping Rock'n'roll, Camping for caravan and Rock am Ring Experience. To use the campsites you will need the following tickets:

General Camping: 1 GeneralParking & Campingticketна visitor

Green Camping: 1 Green Parking & Camping ticket per visitor

Rock'n'roll Camping: 1 Rock'n'roll Parking & Camping ticket per visitor

Rock am Ring Experience: Experience package (including festival ticket)

Caravan B-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge B on the transport unit

Caravan C-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge C per transport unit

Caravan D-Zone: 1 Caravan Camping ticket per attendee and 1 Caravan Badge D on the transport unit


After a successful return at the Nurburgring there are several changes in the scheme of Parking and camping in 2018 due to high demand from fans of the caravans and camping sites with power sources and to optimize the supply in General.

Rock'n'roll Camping

Due to demand the Rock'n RollCamping will be moved to areas B5, B5a, B5b and B5c. To 12 500 fans will have the opportunity to book the camping is supplied with power. You will need a ticket for Parking and camping Rock'n'roll to use this area.

Area Caravan Camping

There will be 3 Caravan Camping zones.

There will be three zones CaravanCamping

B-zone contains areas B2a, B3, B4 and B4a. In addition to one ticket to the van for caravan per person each vehicle requires a badge CaravanB in this area.

C-area includes sites C6c, C7 and C8. In addition to one ticket to the van for caravan per person each vehicle requires a badge CaravanC in this area.

D-area includes sites D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 and D7. In addition to one ticket to the van for caravan per person each vehicle requires a badge caravan D in this area.

Badges caravans limited for each zone, as well as tickets to the caravan camping.

General camping

District B9 becomes a Parking lot. In turn, expanding the site for camping in C1 and C2. Square C6a becomes a separate Parking and camping. All other campsites will be the same as in 2017. To use this zone you need


GreenCampingснова will be provided in the area of D9 in Nurburg. You'll need a ticket GreenParking & Camping for this region. The introduction of a special category of tickets means that you no longer need to register separately for 2018.

Camping for visitors with disabilities and for motorcyclists

Camping is moved from D10 to B2. This greatly reduces the distance for visitors from the campground to the entrance. Riders can camp at this place with motorcycles. In the area there is a wheelchair access, sanitary facilities and showers, and the food provided by the organizer for persons with disabilities. You'll need a ticket of category "GeneralParking & Camping" for B2. Visitors with disabilities should be free to register for access to this camping using the vehicle and use power sources. Registration is only possible by sending an email to the email address and provide the following information: name, surname, ticket number and the type of vehicle (motorhome, caravan, minibus or car)

Opening hours of the camping

You don't need to book a flight for early arrival to arrive on Wenesday in 2018. With the exception of the category "RockamRingExperience", all the campsites open at noon Wednesday 30 may 2018 and may be available to all owners of a camping ticket. RockamRingExperience opens at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, may 30 2018.

Only Parking

Fans who don't want to live in the camp, requires a festival ticket. They will be able to Park their cars for a daily fee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at P98 on B412 and go on a Shuttle bus Redshuttle to the venue of the event.


In 2018, the Deposit will not be garbage. The Deposit is no longer charged, since insufficient attention is paid to the related proposals and commitments. At the same time, the organizers will make every effort to ensure the net of the festival, and proper disposal of waste.

Regular shuttles

The GreenBus route, which circulates around the B5 will also work in the evenings and at night in 2018, and, like other trails, is open from 9:00 to 4:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For late arrivals who want to camp with friends in the campsites next to the Ring, but who can't find Parking, P98 on B412 organized a Shuttle bus that will run on the red route earlier in the evening on Thursday, and to allow the return to P98 Monday morning.


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