Hellfest - the most extreme festival in France

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Hellfest - the most extreme festival in France
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The timing of the festival:
22 - 24 Jun 2018
The venue of the festival:
The Val de Moine sports complex, Clisson, France
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A visa is required:
Schengen (France)

About the festival

Hellfest is an annual festival of heavy metal music in France (not to be confused with the American Hellfest!). is the successor to the Furyfest festival, which was organized by a group of buddies, tired of the lack of concerts that meet their interests.

Hellfest is held in Clisson town, located 35 kilometers from the city of Nantes and 400 km from Paris, in the Val de Moine sport complex.


Ticket sales

For festival visitors under the age of majority, accompanied by an adult is imperative.

For young people under 17 years of age have 50% discount on tickets. Please note that these tickets will only be sold at the festival and to buy them can a minor accompanied by at least one adult family member who will be with them until the end of the event. Young people unaccompanied are required to have their refusal of support, signed by their parents or legal guardians. Selling tickets for half price to persons who are under age, unaccompanied by or have a written denial of maintenance will not be performed. Purchase tickets with 50% discount exclusively produced in the place: reservation is not possible. Don't worry – You don't need to check with us the possibility of purchase of tickets – enough for all, despite the fact that the festival is already full!

Hellfest is free for children under 12 years!

Hellfest uses electronic means for ticket sales in collaboration with official supplier Digitick. Never share your bar code, otherwise You can become a victim of fraud. When buying the ticket, use the official platform for the resale (www.zepass.com), to avoid buying counterfeit tickets! Also beware of speculators selling tickets on the black market!

Frequently asked questions:

I bought a ticket on Digitick but I won't be able to go to the festival if I can get the money back?

A return is impossible, but You can transfer your ticket to another person (transaction carried out by You without any agreements). For this you need to contact Digitick email (hotline@digitick.com) or by phone (0892 700 840) and change ownership of the ticket (You will need to supply your name and email address of the person You want to transfer your ticket).


For everyone who purchased a ticket to the festival, provided free camping site with an area of 25 hectares! The camp will open on Thursday, June 16, at 16 hours (note: times may vary!). To enter the territory of the camp You need to obtain a wristband free access. Those purchasing tickets on Friday or a three-day pass, you will be able to use the area for camping on Thursday night; those who purchased tickets for Saturday will be able to break camp as soon as you open the ticket – starting at 10 a.m. Saturday; those who bought tickets for Sunday will receive access to the campsite at 10 am on Sunday.

ATTENTION! Camp camping is available only to persons who purchased the pass!

Frequently asked questions:

Can I bring my own food and drinks (including alcohol) without any restrictions in quantity?


Have you included lighting in the camp during the night?


Free camping (for example, in the next field) is allowed?

Free camping is strictly prohibited.

Will there be a point with free water (drinking/technological)?

The camp water intake point and the showers are pay. You should buy a bracelet "water point", valid for 4 days, which entitles you to unlimited access to shower stalls and wash basins. At festival and concert venues in the intake point – free!

Can I leave my car in the camp area?

No, because it does not meet the safety requirements and complicates the management of logistics and accommodation in the camp.

Can I use generator?

No, it is strictly forbidden!

Can I use oven or barbecue?

The use of such equipment and the import of any flammable liquid (gasoline, denatured alcohol, etc.) on the territory of the camp is strictly prohibited!

What tools are available for garbage collection?

Garbage bags will be provided free of charge upon arrival, immediately at the entrance to the camp area on Thursday and throughout the weekend. They can also be obtained in ANIMAJE Green surcharge. For disposal of filled bags at Your disposal will be the collection points of garbage.

Is there a reward for help in garbage collection?

1€ credit for two bags of sorted garbage or 3 bags of unsorted trash.


We offer rental* complete kit for camping, assembled and ready to use upon arrival. The provisional price and a link to the booking tent will be announced very soon!

Kit for camping in 2015 include:

- Access to the village of "EASY CAMP" with 17 hours on Thursday, 18 June 2015 until 12 a.m. on Monday, 22 June 2015 (4 nights);

- Access to private toilets in the village;

- Brand Hellfest tent for 2 persons;

- 2 mattresses + 2 blankets;

- 2 folding chairs;

- 1 external lamp;

- 2 shower towels;

- 2 small toilet kit.

*All equipment offered for rent!

Frequently asked questions:

Can I purchase equipment?

Acquisition of rolling equipment impossible. It is issued in rent in exchange for Deposit and checked when you return!

How can I get a place for tent camping?

The reception will be installed at the entrance of the "LIGHT LAGER". You must present a printed ticket for EASY CAMP purchased on Digitick . Then You will be given a wristband and access previously prepared for placing!


The festival provides an official place to Park. To avoid congestion and to deliver rescue and emergency services from having to move your vehicle to access the scene, we urge you not to use unauthorised Parking lots!

Frequently asked questions:

Are there special Parking spaces reserved for 2-wheeled vehicles, cars and campers?


Can I pitch a tent in the Parking lot?

No. The exception is visitors who came in RVS for camping or vans (caravans).

Parking lighted?

Yes, in busy places.

Parking paid?

No, Parking is completely free!

Accommodation outside of the festival grounds (in the family)

Offer a platform for the exchange of suggestions about the placement between the residents and visitors of the festival. This service is free of charge, the fee for transactions is not charged! If You are a local resident who wants to host guests during the festival, or You are a visitor of the festival who doesn't want to live in the camp, Hellfest, You can use the official platform host site of the event.

Frequently asked questions:

Whether covered nearby sidewalks and highway during the festival?

Yes, there is such a possibility. In order to ensure safety and control during the festival, the passage of vehicles and the possibility of passage for pedestrians, may be restricted, therefore visitors have to make a detour of several kilometers to get to the entrance, regardless of whether they're locals or not.


Metal Corner is a key point of the festival Hellfest. Its unique atmosphere You will be able to enjoy already since Thursday night. Metal Corner is an integral part of our festival and is undoubtedly the best place to begin or end Your unforgettable journey surrounded by amazing people. Metal Corner is open to visitors from 9:00 am, so even the early birds can enjoy delicious flavored coffee and a full Breakfast. In the evening, the Metal Corner tent turns into a raging Inferno where until late at night there will be concerts, shows and music DJs!

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to acquire cashless card for METAL CORNER from Thursday night?


How to get to the Metal Corner?

Metal Corner is only open for festival visitors with a bracelet pass for 1 or 3 days.


As You know already probably know, the festival Hellfest will be not just concerts. Our festival gives an opportunity to see a wide variety of interesting animations. And also You can get autographs with personal dedications of their favorite performers during the jam sessions organized by our partner Hard Rock. You are waiting for the noisy party with a fiery sexual dance and rhythmic music, a fire show, performances of athletes and incredible stunts that show the riders at the skate Park Cross Da cruz.


Organization Greencopper, which is our partner, offers the services of the official Hellfest app (iPhone and Android). It is available for free download on AppStore and Android Market!!! With it, You will be able in real time to track all the changes in the festival program; this simple and convenient program will allow you to adjust the plan for Your vacation before, during and even after the festival, Hellfest.

Persons with reduced mobility / people with the syndrome Duplay

A special team of doctors will be at the festival from Thursday to Sunday. After checking the documents proving the necessity of providing special services, You will receive a pass that will allow you to use the charging points of the vehicles, as well as special Parking place in the camp, equipped with adapted toilets and showers (behind the Metal Corner). Please note: the location of the most adapted of the booths will be indicated on the website.

For Your convenience, will consist of two platforms with chairs (MainStage's and Warzone). Note – in the case of severe overcrowding MainStage's platform, we will be forced to limit access to it! For free concerts on all platforms (the Altar, the Temple and the Valley) will be organized with the ability to pass on to You stage. In addition, with a team of volunteers PMR-PSH Home responsible for Your safety, you can explore the local attractions. Attention – because the number of seats in the first rows under the tent is limited and photo and video can be difficult, we suggest you carefully plan your movement, considering the concert schedule of performers, whose performances You want to attend.

Frequently asked questions:

Have you granted access to platforms and seats under the tent attendant?


Will the team volunteers to be on duty at locations, entrance to the platforms and tents?


Payment card "Cashless"

Platform for 2016 Cashless pre-order is already available. We remind you that in 2015, the festival replaced the tokens to a card system called "Cashless".

This card will allow You to buy drinks at bars and food festival in one of the three branches HellfSnack. Map "Cashless" is only accepted in the bars of the festival and special eateries, it cannot be used to pay for goods vending stands "Extrem", Hellfest Souvenirs and traditional food stalls.

Please note that this year we have improved our system of payments: we offer payment in 1, 2 or 3 phase with replenishment of the card credit limit in the online mode. You can also connect mobile app Hellfest for the replenishment of the card "Cashless" and simplify the interaction with the main Bank account.

If You want to learn more about "Cashless banking", to get advice on its use or learn about innovations in the system, use the link: www.hellfest-cashless.fr. If You can't find on the website answers to your questions, please contact us via e-mail: contact@hellfest-cashless.fr.

Payment card is possible when buying it or for special items of issue; account Deposit in banks that are listed on the website. You can also use the information centers and specialists who will answer your questions and help configure the card Cashless.

ATTENTION! Funds remaining on the card Cashless 2015, can be used at the festival this year, however, it can not be connected to a special mobile application, as, in contrast to cards, 2016, has an encrypted identifier. Also note that the Cashless card 2015 will be invalid in 2017!

Food and drinks

Throughout the festival, and also the Metal Corner, will find many outlets where You can buy a variety of food, snacks and beverages. Hell Snack You can buy everything from canned food and sweets, to pickles and exotic dishes. In addition, You will find a wide selection of specialty restaurants - we have conducted an extensive survey of reviews and comments left by visitors Hellfest 2015, and have tried to accommodate all their wishes. You'll have access to bars located throughout the festival where you can buy special Beers, wines and soft drinks.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to use the card for Cashless purchase of food?

This is only possible in Hell of Snack - food in other places will be paid in cash.

I'm a vegetarian: what the festival stands with vegan food?

Yes, there are veggie stands!

Do I need to purchase branded drinks glasses Hellfest?


How to buy original glass?

Buying a drink for the first time, You will get branded glass Hellfest, the price of which will be added to order total. The cost of a branded Cup is 1 €.

Can I take your glass at the end of the festival and get their money back?

No, but You will remain a memorable souvenir.

Can I bring food to the concert area?

Yes, if they are not Packed in glass or steel containers.

Is it possible to bring to the concert venue drinks? And if so, on what terms?



Selling Souvenirs Hellfest via the online store, as well as in special sales outlets at the festival. We guarantee a wide range and large number of products, but recommend you buy Souvenirs on the first day of the festival – Sunday the right size or things may not be available.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to take Souvenirs Hellfest and return the money for the purchase directly in the office of the festival?

Not, returns must be made via email only!


By car:

Approaching Clison, turn off the GPS Navigator and follow the instructions on the special road signs, which are located along roads and in Parking lots.

We also recommend arriving to the festival on Thursday 16 June to avoid traffic jams that occur around the city. Having arrived to You, be very careful and follow the signs that will help You navigate and get to the car Park of the festival! With the help of our partner, BlaBlaCar or through the forum www.hellfest.fr/forum You will be able to organize a joint visit to the festival is a great way to not only save money and make new acquaintances, but also care about the environment!

By train or plane:

The SNCF (national company of French Railways) will surely help You to buy a ticket to Nantes at the best prices. From the terminal station in Nantes you can catch commuter trains to Cliona, so You can easily get to the festival without spending a lot of time!

As a rule, to travel "there and back" on the bus or train discounts, allowing inexpensive access to the Hellfest festival from almost any part of the Loire valley.

For more information on trains: www.ter-sncf.com/paysdelaloire

Get a discount of 10 € on the fast train, the local values from 17 may to 20 June

Information on flights can be viewed at the link: www.airfranceklm-globalmeetings.com

A large variety of public discounts. The identification code for reservation: 27813AF

Shuttle services provided by the stations of Nantes and Cliona will be available later and we will inform You about their conditions, as soon as the information becomes known.

Frequently asked questions:

Are there any bus companies that offer Shuttle service + 3-day pass?

Yes, it is: Novo travel, Festival Bussen, Viajes Divertis, Valkyrie Tour, Argon, Event, Rock hard Italy, Metal Travel Estonia, Masque Tickets, Amplitur Braz

Lockers and Luggage storage

This year, for Your convenience, Hellfest has organized the possibility to use lockers and storage, which will be located inside the Metal Corner. In order to use this service, You are kindly requested to book a place for storage on the website of our partner; the camera store, have different size: S, S +, M, L and XL. The keys to the corresponding cells will be issued directly to the venue of the festival, if issued order.Attention: bulky objects such as motorcycle helmets may not fit in the locker or not validate!


Hellfest Productions team expresses its gratitude to all its volunteers and the Association ANIMAJE, which largely contributes to the success of the festival for many years. Hellfest could never become what he became now, without a huge investment of work of all its volunteers throughout the decade! It is noteworthy that the Association ANIMAJE collaborates with the festival since its inception, and Ben barbeau, from the time of his life in Clusone, he is a member of the Association. Within 10 years, the Association Hellfest PRODUCTIONS Association ANIMAJE provide young people from the area, You can go for summer vacation. Thanks to perform at the festival duties (Breakfast, cleaning after the festival, etc.) more than 460 young people last summer went to rest in France, and abroad! You know that in 2015 ANIMAJE proposed the names of more than 1,400 volunteers at the Hellfest website? We take this opportunity to welcome and thank them for their support and responsible work!

Frequently asked questions

Can I become a volunteer at Hellfest?

We see only suggestions of associations (law of 1901), according to which Association includes the proposal of at least 5 of their adult participants. We don't recruit random volunteers. However, You can try to apply directly to ANIMAJE on the issue of volunteering.

OTHER issues

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the website, in case of doubt or additional questions, please contact us info@hellfest.fr

Frequently asked questions:

What equipment is allowed to use for photos and video at concerts?

Allowed to use any photos and video.

Whether the festival lost and found?

Lost and found items will be stored in the information center, located on the main square of the festival. The same applies to things lost in the camp. At the end of Hellfest lost items will be transferred to You.

Whether given the means to protect your hearing?

Free and paid security tools will be at the information desks inside the concert grounds.

Will there be vending machines for tickets at the festival? If not, where can I find them?

Machines ticket booth located on the festival grounds in the city, You, as well as near the territory of the festival - in the supermarket Leclerc.

Can I buy the hygiene items on the festival site (soap, wipes, etc.)?

No, but You can buy everything you need (and more!) in shops and supermarkets Cliona, details of which can be viewed at the link: http://www.mairie-clisson.com

Can I buy cigarettes on the festival grounds?

Selling cigarettes on the festival territory is forbidden under French law.

Will there be at the festival points to charge mobile phones?

Yes! You can charge your phone by visiting the premises provided by the partners of our festival.

Will there be at the festival points to deliver Wi-Fi to visitors?


Can I distribute leaflets, posters and other promotional literature at the festival?

No, it is strictly prohibited. The security service has the right to withdraw promotional products in the event of its dissemination by the visitors of the festival.

Pets allowed at the festival?

No, regardless of location.


Hellfest postponed to 2022