Youth day in SC "ELEKTRA"

Youth day in SC "ELEKTRA"
The timing of the festival:
30 June 2018
The venue of the festival:
St. Petersburg, TC "ELEKTRA", Moscow Avenue, 137, lit.B,
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

Youth day in SC "ELEKTRA"

30 June celebrating youth Day in the Moscow district of St. Petersburg! This day is the Parking field near the shopping center "ELEKTRA" will be the main youth area of the Northern Capital.

All day on the square in SC "ELEKTRA" are photo shoots with the stars, lectures on chipofya topics area of intelligent entertainment Book Lounge, the Board game for every taste, from GaGaGames, food court and cooking classes. On stage – NERVES, PRAVADA, КОПЕНGАGЕН, the area of the REBELLION!

The celebration starts at 13:00.

ADMISSION IS FREE! Details in official meeting:


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