Elizaveta Strelnikova. "Living arrangements"

Elizaveta Strelnikova. "Living arrangements"
The timing of the festival:
26 Jul – 9 Sep 2018
The venue of the festival:
Museum of art of Saint Petersburg of the XX-XXI centuries, the embankment of Griboyedov canal, 103
A visa is required:
for citizens of Russia is required

The exhibition presents the work of the famous St. Petersburg sculptor-ceramist Elizabeth Strelnikova. The exhibition incorporates more than 60 works, including paintings.

In the art of ceramics artist primarily interested in genre. Works Strelnikova, usually of large dimensions, the figures given in human growth and always appear in some action. This is mainly scenes from everyday life, which are played with humor and subtle irony. The author, as if poking fun at the characters, each of them finds and "talking" detail "Fisherman" shoes in exaggerated waders, graceful vypolaskivat Laundry "Laundress" dresses up in a festive blouse and skirt, the "Flower girl" in elegant ankle boots with dresses in an apron and is crowned by an elegant hat. Particularly attracted the attention of the figure "Girl" and "Young captain." Touching children's images of the sculptor gives subtle psychologism: the girl in the pink fluffy dress gently hugs the bear, and the fresh-faced boy in short pants firmly holding a toy sailboat. Artist actively using color in sculpture that enhances its plastic and decorative expressiveness.

Good irony and a positive charge of creativity Elizaveta Strelnikova can be traced in the multi-figure compositions, for example, in "Workshop of art" made terracotta. Pompous and profound faces of spectators and professional connoisseurs of art make you smile. The superiority of the cohort of scientists on the profane emphasize arrogantly outstretched neck. The individuality of each character transmitted minimalistic means. Thus, the author accumulates in sculpture joie de vivre and humor, combined with the novelty of plastic methods.

All of the mentioned genre sculpture definitely decorative: their coloristic and stylistic decision allow us to consider work as gardening. They can fit perfectly into the urban landscape, transforming our bleak urban environment.

Paintings Strelnikova, who also exhibited at the exhibition, reveal another facet of his talent. Portraits, landscapes and multi-figured genre compositions stylistically in common with the scene, supplementing the range of creative search the. The characters are genre paintings are of everyday life: walking through the streets and embankments beloved author of the city, relax in the gardens, and sometimes together, experiencing the tragic event ("Red patrol. 1938", "After the search"). Obviously, such works Strelnikova inspired by the stories of parents and family memories, which made a great impression on her. The color scheme of the scenery appears all the author's love for St. Petersburg: architectural types of his native city Strelnikov turns into a kind of radiant mosaic.

Strelnikova, as a sculptor and painter, the interesting possibility of combining the plastic and pictorial quest in one piece. Bilateral paintings included in the exhibition, animated game elements. The doors of this wardrobe "Closet and its users," the artist turned into an art object with a secret: hidden at first glance, and a hidden side unusual triptych allows you to penetrate the intimate world of the home owners appeared before the audience in deshabille.

Gathered at the exhibition are diverse in theme, genre and emotional charge of the sculptural and painterly works of Elizabeth Strelnikova maintain stylistic unity in the storylines, color preferences and psychological nyansiongo. Bright palette of images demonstrates the breadth of attitude and a wealth of creative possibilities of the artist.

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