Kindness and magic in every heart at the international festival of fireworks "rostec".

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Kindness and magic in every heart at the international festival of fireworks "rostec".
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The timing of the festival:
August 18-19 2018
The venue of the festival:
Brateevskaya cascade Park, Borisovskie Prudy str., Moscow
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A visa is required:
for citizens of Russia is required

August 18-19, Moscow will host the international fireworks festival “rostec”, where viewers will be able to see not only an exciting fireworks show, but also to plunge into the atmosphere of magic.

In the year of the volunteer festival on the theme of good and magic. In the Park appears original art designed by legendary artist Andrei Bartenev, who this year became the art Director of the festival.

“The audience of the festival I invite you to journey into the labyrinth of art, where each will meet our hero of light and joy – Sunny Bunny! I created art objects so that you can cuddle, climb and take pictures! – told the artist. All come to us for a celebration of the Art of fireworks!”

Everyone will be able to participate in the Quest, which are the objects that make up the Art maze Park.

On the Central hill of the festival audience will meet a family of bears, sitting in a circle and creating a family atmosphere of security and comfort.

Cat in the sun, Bear with an armful of flowers, the elephant and the Avenue of the arms will create a mood of magic and prepare the audience to the magic of fireworks. To recharge your sun rays will help the main art objects of the festival – Sunny Bunny.

Some of the art objects will be the mascots of the festival associated with one of the five charities partners: the "life Line", "old age is a joy", "Penetrating to the heart", the Fund of Konstantin Khabensky and the charity hospice charity Fund "Vera".

So good deeds become more, the organizers start the event "Fireworks good deeds". The terms are simple – to help three strangers. How will participants can choose for yourself, donate some money to one of the charities to partner on the festival website or just to help a stranger on the street. To pass the baton to the next, it is necessary to make the publication in social networks mentioning three friends and write: “I run #feuervergoldeter! “.

As always, there is a rich daytime programme: mobile and desktop games for all the family, sports such as bossaball, Curling, obstacle course and more.

For the youngest visitors of the festival will run a large entertainment area with a huge swimming pool with balls, "quiet parties" in the dome theater, a children's disco and face painting.

The fans of intellectual leisure will be able to take part in creative workshops and quizzes, relax watching your favorite movies and cartoons on the big screen under the open sky.

During the festival, from 18.30 to 20.30 on the main stage will perform well-known musical groups. 18 Aug headlining concert programme will be the group “Dancing minus” and “Chizh &Co”with your favorite hits of several generations. On the second day of the festival offers a presentation of the “Beasts”, which will perform the best compositions from different albums.

Competition program the fireworks show starts from 21:00. Every day viewers will be able to see four wystapienia from the leading pyrotechnists from Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Italy, great Britain, Greece, Slovakia and the USA. For the technical subtleties of the performances will be monitored by the competent jury of the international class. The fireworks will be accompanied by a unique water-light-laser show, and the organizers are preparing a surprise – the opening ceremony of the festival.

The event for the fourth time organized with the support of the Government of Moscow and the state Corporation “rostec”. Last year for the two day show was watched by more than 700 000 spectators.

Entrance to the festival for children under 7 years free (accompanied by adults with tickets).

The organizer of festival – the company "Pyrotechnic technology."

To view the program and purchase tickets on the festival website The ticket price starts from 500 rubles.


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