Tattoo Week Moscow 2018

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Tattoo Week Moscow 2018
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The timing of the festival:
From 14 to 16 September 2018
The venue of the festival:
Moscow, Rochdelskaya str., 15, p. 24, the Loft - "Hope"
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A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

Frighteningly grotesque. Notorious notorious. Shockingly perfect.
The dark forces of art awakened and will gain a conceptual embodiment in the fall of 2018.

From 14 to 16 September, the city loft "Hope" will become the last refuge of pure art – will see an eclectic fusion of dark circus performances and one of the most anticipated events of tattoo culture:

International Moscow Tattoo Week. Season 4.


The furious spirit of surrealism, mystical twists and turns of street theatre, a spectacular circus show and of course best traditions of the Tattoo festival Week are woven into a single multidimensional space.

Under the project, more than 200 skilful Russian and foreign masters will clash needles in a bitter artistic struggle. First-class prizes from partners of the festival will be a very worthy addition to the title of best of the best.

Traditionally, to defend his honor at Moscow Tattoo Week are prepared and professional tattoo artists, including in international teams World Famous Tattoo Ink, Lithuanian Irons, Kwadron, Equaliser by Kwadron, Radiant Colors, Excalibur, Tattoo, Pharma and other well-known brands and sponsors of the Convention.

However, to touch the art can not only tattoo artists and their models. Taking the plunge in the inviting atmosphere of creativity and to experience all facets of the fine can every visitor:

Moscow Tattoo Week 2018 is a mystical interactive performance in the name of art, designed to involve the audience in a very special world where magic seems to be something natural.
Here, even the most strange and ghostly abstractions acquire a sacred meaning and are brought to life by professional circus artists. Magic of reincarnation and bold images become tangible and be at arm's length.

Leave the notorious urban worries and lose yourself in the mysterious and extravagant space Moscow Tattoo Week 2018!


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