Festival Pesok in Zelenograd

Festival Pesok in Zelenograd
The timing of the festival:
Feb. 9-10
The venue of the festival:
TOP HALL, Central Pl., 1, Zelenograd
A visa is required:
for citizens of Russia is not required

Here is a full and final lineup of the big winter festival "SAND" in Zelenograd!

February 9 (Saturday) will perform for you: COCKROACHES!, GOODTIMES, EORSI, 4ЕТЫРЕ APR and SHORTAGE.

10 February (Sunday) will light team: LOUNA, DISTEMPER, LAUGH, PLAN University and^.

"SAND" will be the hottest festival this winter! We are waiting for you on 9 and 10 February in Zelenograd club TOPHALL (30 minutes) at a two-day rock marathon!

Purchase tickets in advance: https://vk.cc/8QOCZd


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