St. Patrick's day, 2019 in Opera Club

St. Patrick's day, 2019 in Opera Club
The timing of the festival:
15 Mar 2019
The venue of the festival:
Opera Concert Club embankment of the bypass channel, 181, Saint-Petersburg
A visa is required:
for citizens of Russia is not required

March 15 - Opera Concert Club - X anniversary festival! Two scenes! 17 groups! From 5 PM to 5 am!

Fans of Irish culture, dancing, beer and whiskey, and all sorts of green follies - March 15 we will collect you on the greenest holiday of the year!
A fun and drunken St. Patrick's Day is a great opportunity to bring back the spring into our hearts and have some fun after a long winter evenings. Everyone can be Irish on this day!
Waiting for you specially brewed for the holiday special Patrikovsky, a true Celtic fair, a knock spark heels will help bands on two stages at the head of the headliners of the festival - Sir Reg.
Sir Reg - an Energetic sextet from Sweden playing great Irish-punk. Assembled it the Irishman Brendan Sheehy, who left his native Dublin and arrived in Sweden to fulfill his dream - to collect the most amazing group of all. And he did it! for a very small story, Sir Reg has already received several major music awards in Scandinavia and won the love of fans across Europe.

  • ••Big stage•••
  • ♧ Sir Reg /Sweden/

    ♧ The Dartz

    ♧ Infornal FuckЪ

    ♧ Gilead /Tyumen/

    ♧ Brotherhood Teetotal Virgins /Yaroslavl/

    ♧ Drunken Fairy Tales /Moscow/

    ♧ Captain Smollett /Pskov/

    ♧ Holly

    ♧ Vagrand

  • ••Small stage•••
  • ♧ Argemonia

    ♧ Triquetrum

    ♧ Dragon

    ♧ Bee Celtic

    ♧ Brothers Pots /Moscow/

    ♧ BrodiBraga /Led. Novgorod/

    ♧ Village BY

    ♧ The Khol

  • Places of ticket sales and prices:
  • Infoline: +7 921 99 66 739



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