PILIGRIM rock fest 2019

PILIGRIM rock fest 2019
The timing of the festival:
4 May 2019
The venue of the festival:
SAP ARENA, Mannheim
A visa is required:
Schengen (Germany)

For those who accustomed to stick to their line and remembers the taste of Orbit sugar-free! For those whose rock ' n ' roll is not the goal and not even the means, for those who are bound by one chain!

In may, 2019 SAP ARENA Mannheim will be filled with the sound of music, which is stitched into the DNA of all those born and raised in the country of the immortal rock ' n ' roll, which broke through the prohibitions and propaganda, and has become a real symbol of the era. Rock festival PILIGRIM — a major event for anyone after many years and kilometres of preserved gene rock-n-roll. For all who missed the heyday of the cult phenomenon, but was picked up and continues his wave that shook the world musical ocean! You go home without crossing the border! Living legends who embody the freedom of thought and the desire for change, songs, every line of which speaks in the heart the most warm and important memories, the same atmosphere that I remember so often and so sorely lacking. All of this and more — is the goal and philosophy of our festival, the main theme of which is "We are together". And not to sing us a love song and not walk or on the water?

Don't miss this unique event!


17:00 - MIKHAIL SEMENOV (gr. December)
17:15 - ALEP
18:00 - PICNIC
19:00 - CHIZH & CO
20:00 - BUTUSOV songs NAU "35"
21:00 - SPLEEN
22:00 - BI-2

Tickets here → https://tickets.piligrimfest.de/web/event/event_id/13


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