We do not want war

We do not want war
The timing of the festival:
9 may 2019
The venue of the festival:
Saint Petersburg, Inoteca, 50 Ligovsky building 16
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

Friends! Let's celebrate may 9 - the Day the War ended!

ЭлектропартиZаны || Park Chagall || Madam ||Gravity || Agpia Бартеz

To be an Imperial militarist - for a rock musician is not normal! It is not OK to be indifferent conformist is to maintain a repressive system of petroplasma. No more wars! Soldiers, go home! Don't bring your life in sacrifice to capitalism! He is insatiable, he will always be a little...

The initiator of the action - musical of the pacifist movement "antiarmy".

We are United by the need to confront the militarization of modern society, but because our weapon is music, our Charter - conscience, our oath, the pain of our hearts!

Join our antiarmy!

May 9 || Inoteca (50 Ligovsky building 16, St. Petersburg)
19.00 || Tickets in the presale from 400 R: https://vk.com/app5745705_-178530506. The day of the concert: 700

Link to event on Facebook: https://vk.com/event178530506


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