Music Festival FILES Tests 2019

Music Festival FILES Tests 2019
The timing of the festival:
The venue of the festival:
Okulovsky airfield, the village Okulovka, Novgorod region
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is not required

Today "the Audition" is a musical multi-format festival, which have found their place in Okulovka.

The festival offers visitors two scenes, dozens of entertainment, infrastructure, free space for tents and Parking, as well as unforgettable experience, drive and music... lots of music.

Under the open sky for the third time will bring together more than 50 musical groups. On stage will feature hits from the legendary artists and musicians, gaining popularity.

For today in structure of participants "Audition" stated:

  • КняZZ with the program “the king and the clown. 30 years”
  • BI-2 with a Symphony orchestra and a presentation of the new album
  • Team contract
  • Kitty
  • Leonid Agutin
  • Mate
  • Nerves
  • Operation plasticine
  • PORN
  • Sergei Bobunets
  • Slot
  • Animal Jazz
  • F. P. G
  • Shortparis
  • Trubetskoy

According to tradition, each participant will perform a song from the MOVIE.

In the history of the festival has already entered Chaif, Alisa, Pilot, КняZz, Louna, Brigadier Row, Bi-2, DDT, Brainstorm, Tanzwut, Louna, Dolphin, Sergei Bobunets, Buckwheat, Kalinov most, 25/17, and many others.


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