The first and last open air festival Locofest

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The first and last open air festival Locofest
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The timing of the festival:
24 - 26 may 2019
The venue of the festival:
Moscow region, Pushkinskiy R-n, p/about Talitsy, Park-hotel "Sofrino"
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A visa is required:
for citizens of Russia is not required

The program of the festival:

3 scenes
Theater and poetry
Contests and entertainment
Food market
Kids club
and much more.

In 2013, 24 may art floor "Chocolate factory", headed by Elena Lileeva and festival "Prostofest" led by Dan Melnikov and Anna Fomina opened a creative open-air festival "Chocofest" under the resurrection. Since 7 years we are visited by enthusiastic, caring, sincere people from all parts of Russia, Europe and Asia. "White mountain", Bakovka, airfield Shevlino, Usadba Otrada Park hotel Sofrino, lake Borovoe, all of this geography have collected more than 1000 musicians, more than 20 000 guests and friends, more than 400,000 Watts of sound and an infinite number of applause.

Chocofest exists independently of weather phenomena, religious and political creeds, musical tastes and other contingencies. Chocofest is a nonprofit festival that has no genre or style limitations, there is a "drive" is the same - bright, touching, smart or just fun, i.e. alive!

As 7 years ago, 24, 25 and 26 may Chocofest will open the festival season and, of course, surprises, lots of surprises!
And the first of them this year Chocofest finishes his story and awaits all friends and relatives are important and necessary, the curious and inquisitive, and all concerned, to meet the summer music and communicate, and pursue our chocolate friend with joy.
You want a holiday, emotion, drive and love. So, let's "sarocladium" this reality, as we know, as we were taught and how we did it!
We are waiting for!


Both rivers
Prohibited drummers
A polite refusal
Troll Gnet El
Sobaki Kachalova
Gin and tonic
Orgy Of The Righteous
Propelle Propeller
Project BAM
Basil Urievsky and Michael Gardin
Give two
Project HB
The area of the rebellion
Eugene Efimov
Zimov'e Beasts
Your division
the participants filled up by

How to get to the festival Locofest

By public transport:
from the Yaroslavsky station by train to the station Sofrino (journey time less than 1 hour), then by route taxi №59, the stop is on the right (facing from Moscow) at the railway crossing.

Personal transport:
47-th km of the Yaroslavl highway (30 km from MKAD) - turn right (just past the police post), after 1 km turn left at the sign "the Village comme Il Faut".

GPS coordinates:
GPS_E: 37.98373
GPS_N: 56.104531



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