Festival OPEN LOOK, together with a New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre presents

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Festival OPEN LOOK, together with a New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre presents
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The timing of the festival:
6-8 June 2019
The venue of the festival:
Saint Petersburg, media center New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre
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A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

Festival OPEN LOOK together

with a New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre presents the project of the LOOK@

6-8 June, 14:00 - 21:00 VR_I UNREAL DANCE 8+
The company, Gilles Cabana together with "Artenim" (Switzerland)

8 June, 20:00 the VIRUS, the Company yo Stromgren (Norway)

9 Jun, 20:00 Evening performances of Home residents dance "Cannondale"

In August 2019, the famous festival OPEN LOOK in the twenty-first time will gather in St. Petersburg is the most progressive and contemporary modern dance. However, this year, from 6 to 9 June, it is preceded by a large technologically-dance experiment at the St. Petersburg public to try out the VR technology in dance. VR glasses will take viewers into the endless desert, urban landscape or in the loft on top of a mountain, where everyone has an avatar that mimic his movements. Thus the Swiss choreographer Gilles Goban combines dance and immersive virtual reality.

Only three days - 6,7 and 8 June, from 14.00 till 21.00, at the media center of the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre will LOOK@DANCE VR. The duration of each performance in just 20 minutes and interact only five people of the audience-participants. You have to feel in the past, present and future. The authors of the project, questioning our perception of reality and open new unknown and unexplored space for contemporary dance. Via virtual reality glasses, you can freely travel, speak and move. Playing with scale effects, Gilles Goban outstanding work with the category of spatiality. The movement of virtual dancers even more blurs the boundaries of reality: they multiply indefinitely, grow to giant size or shrink to microscopic. The project VR_I as a result of meeting one of the most famous Swiss choreographers Gilles Cabana and experts in the field of technology motion capture company Artanim.

8 Jun 20:00 LOOK@DANCE NORWAY company yo Stromgren from Norway will present the play "the VIRUS". The action takes place in the near future where something went wrong. The source of suffering is a small abandoned bunker is a machine that infects the world of a terrible virus. This is a quirky choreographic study on the future of mass culture. Where the classic drama is committed to rigor in drama and stories, in science fiction championship win incredible stories, logical fallacies and excessive pathos. Performers communicate in gibberish language consisting of meaningless Portuguese and Icelandic.

9 Jun, 20:00 LOOK@KANNON DANCE. Evening Saint-Petersburg contemporary dance. More than 22 years of House of dance "Kannon Dance" educates, supports Russian choreographers. This evening the Prime Minister will meet three generations of the Petersburg choreographer-the resident of the House of dance "Kannon Dance" - Sasha Kukin, Ksenia Mikheeva and Valery Kasparov. In the play "the Voice" Valeria Kasparova sounds of modern Armenian music. DESTINO is a new work by choreographer Ksenia Mikheyeva, a multiple nominee for the award "the gold mask". "FLASH" - choreography: Sasha Kukin is an attempt to combine the choreography with fragments of films 20-30 years, and the band's music TangerineDream.


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