The first festival of style and creativity Boho Weekend

The first festival of style and creativity Boho Weekend
The timing of the festival:
3 and 4 August 2019
The venue of the festival:
Saint Petersburg, Berthold Centre, M. Sadovaya, Civil street, 13-15
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

The first festival of style and creativity Boho Weekend: summer celebration of freedom of expression in the center of St. Petersburg!

Already on 3 and 4 August the whole yard, living room and even the roof of a creative cluster "Bergold Center" will capture the first festival of style and creativity Boho Weekend. Admission is free!

Boho Weekend will be the epicenter of expression: should come here to show off your best outfit, choose the most expressive clothes and accessories at the Bohemian market, or create their own master classes. At the festival you can completely change the image — and already dressed to go dancing in a Groovy live music.

What is boho?

Boho style is colorful rebellion against the dullness and boredom of the office, which absorbed elements of the cultures of hippie, folk, vintage and ethnic. It's irresistible eclecticism - the Cossacks and lace, fringe and wreaths of flowers, sparkles on the cheeks, Indian sequins... and what they want to combine you personally? The correct answer is no, because boho is a rejection of the templates, disobedience fashion and free creation.

What is the purpose of the festival?

The festival aims to encourage self-expression and self-knowledge as the external appearance, and in art. The organizers want to acquaint the audience with outstanding local producers, and to encourage reasonable consumption and efficient use of resources: to manually create a new, rethink the old, unnecessary to share and learn with non-profit projects in the field of conscious consumption.

The program of the festival:

Boho Music — the music scene on the roof with the energy of the most incredible festivals of the 70-ies and Groovy original groups: Weo, bohoric, Supermotiv and others. Boho Market — clothing and accessories in the style boho, vintage, home furnishings and everything for creativity and create your own style of Boho Beauty area where you can braid braids, or shave his head to get a tattoo or to pierce her nose and, of course, to adorn themselves with sequins, to be fully prepared on the big boho party

Boho Art — creative workshops, an exhibition of art objects, the free exchange of books

Boho Food — the summer treats from the best restaurants of St. Petersburg. Food and drinks created

in the name of fun and instagram

As well as dozens of picturesque locations, photo zone, the prizes and 5,000 guests in its


Entrance: free

Dress code: your most impressive outfit

3 and 4 August, 12:00 - 21:00

Berthold Centre, M. Sadovaya, Civil street, 13-15


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