Zdob si Zdub will perform at the festival "St. Petersburg live"

Zdob si Zdub will perform at the festival "St. Petersburg live"


Palace square

13 Jul 2019

The annual music festival "St. Petersburg live"

Admission is free

Great news for all fans of the festival "St. Petersburg live" among the musicians who will perform on 13 July at the Palace square, will be joined by the Moldovan band Zdob si Zdub.

The team has long moved into the category of living legends of the rock scene. This charismatic team, being a striking phenomenon on the music scene for 25 years, never ceases to delight audiences with his unforgettable performances worldwide. Zdob si Zdub is unique in that so skillfully combines rock guitars drive the melody of authentic folklore, folk warbling horn section and fiery Balkan beats.

It is not surprising that this rock band is among the most beloved by the Russian public groups. Those who come to the Palace square, make sure it personally and have a great time at Groovy tunes Zdob si Zdub.

Recall that the headliner of the festival "St. Petersburg live" will become a popular favorite and a rare visitor of St. Petersburg — Pelagia. Also on this day, on Palace square will be: Zventa Sventana, Marina Kapuro, "After 11" and "IVA Nova". Well-known musicians will perform songs that are so loved by all and who will sing the entire Palace square.

Festival "Petersburg live" will be held with support of Committee for culture and become a bright musical event not only St. Petersburg, but Russia as a whole. Come July 13 at the Palace square to share with the whole city on this beautiful day!

Entrance to the festival is free. Beginning at 18.00.


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