Project #Narayana was launched in may 2019 with the aim of uniting the various lines of the underground, street subcultures and sport. To support youth initiatives in the regional parks, squares, cultural and sports centres, public places of leisure. From may to September in the framework of the project there were about 40 events in different districts of Moscow. By the end of 2019 will be the final event of the project the First annual award of #Narayana, where the award of the community leaders of the main directions and the most active participants of the project.

The whole year the project provides organizational support to district youth communities to promote their activities and launching initiatives on the level of popular city events in open competitions, master classes and performances. The project involves students from major Moscow Universities, such as: REU Plekhanov, MFUA, RGU im. Kosygin, Mrs., Rsupesy & T.

The awarding ceremony of finalists will take place on 23 November at the club AdrenalineStadium and will end with a concert of Russian music stars and rap artists. The stage is Quest Pistols Show, Scrooge, Voiced, TERNOVOY, Kravtsov, ST, AMCHI, Dana Sokolova, Mike Marvin, MIA Brisk, JayMarr and DJ Lars.

To talk about what's happening is a leading linear broadcast Studio 21 RITRON (Artem Selivanov).

The site is organized following areas: Panna and street football 3v3, street basketball, street workout power all-around and freestyle, MMA fights in the octagon, the area of eSports, the area of interactive entertainment for everyone, including retro-gaming machines, the VR-quests, racing simulators, table football, dynamometer, games free FIFA zone, rest zone ChillOutplace. Guests can take pictures in the area WelcomePoint on the background of the original "live" backdrops and unusual photostand: it will be formulated in the form of urban yard with lawn and swings.

Predatorz team will present on the main stage and the dance fights to break dance. Leading rap battles lion RE-PAC Kiselev asked his colleague to become a member of the jury. Together with Artem to evaluate the sharpness of the syllable and punch will be Alexander "Sanches" Petrov, Dmitri "Gabon Viper" Egorov.

The students of Plekhanov REU and RGU im. Kosygina will present award some of their own activities. Area ARTFashion, where aspiring designers can show their collections of clothing and accessories in the mode fashion show and exhibition. E-sports tournament in the disciplines of CS:GO, DOTA2, FIFA 20, Hearthstone, MortalKombat 11. The competition for best video #Biogeneration, the winner of which will be among the nominees, and his work will be shown on the main screen. Football match 3x3. Basketball slam dunk. As well as in the beauty contest "Miss UNIVERSITY 2019".

Beginning at 15:00. Entrance to the event is free for persons over 14 years.

Come! We are waiting for you!

Pre-registration is required

Adrenaline Stadium, Leningrad PR-t, d. 80, korp. 17

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