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Summary is your business card. CV specialist recruitment is the initial impression about the applicant. When it is bad, the form will go out the window. I propose to study how to create the right resume for the job. Content summary There are no strict standards of the plan summary. However, this does not mean that you need to turn the resume into the statement on a free subject. Read more about sample resume Manager here.More
Concert Chaos in Moscow 29.09.18
Electric concert by the rock group the Mess will be held in Moscow on 29 September (Saturday) "Guns & Bears Pub" (St. Novoslobodskaya. 46) Mess play rock-metal-grunge style, and during its existence has gained the recognition of fans as a classic of Russian rock, and just lovers of good and strong texts on the topics, in particular - freedom of choice a man of his way of life. "...We play rock!More
Like many European cities, Bristol is interesting for its old historic districts. Many luxury hotels and cheap hotels in Bristol located in the heart of Brandon. Here, near the promenade and several museums, stands a conspicuous building, the so-called Cabot tower. With it is associated an interesting story! In fact, the tower is known for its observation deck, which is sure to come tourists in search of a good location for filming. The entire city of Bristol is seen here at a glance!More
Концерт Omnium Gatherum, Skálmöld, Stam1na. // Switzerland, Bern, Gas Boiler Nov 2107
Live in the heart of Europe convenient. In particular because there is a huge range of different concerts and events, pending whose eyes light up and hands reach for the credit card to buy a ticket, and certainly-just to get to the concert. But sometimes one day there are just two events on which you would like to attend between "definitely" and "kick it as required." This day was Saturday, 11th November 2017ого.More
Festival Meh Suff!: fine and home-made. // Switzerland, Zurich, Hüttikon-Otelfingen, Hüttiker Mounta
Zurich, the capital of high prices and white collar, able to surprise any metalhead loving "harder". After all, this city is not only hides in itself a very colorful concert venue where not just foot the legends of metal. Backyard metropolis, on a hill covered by forest, pastures and fields where a local farmer grows the succulent corn, there is a festival with an ambiguous name of the "Meh suff!More
Festival Summer Breeze. // Germany, Dinkelsbühl
The trend is that large festivals always lose a little. Too high degree of commercialization, too dirty, the queue to the toilet, in the shower, do not get through tubes upon arrival and departure - the flaws are endless. But there are festivals, which despite its respectable size still manage to withstand the bar and provide a decent quality of rest from everyday work. Summer Breeze and, of course, is such. According to official data how many thousand forty-five people?More
Festival Wacken. // Germany, Wacken
Wacken! How much of this sound for the heart metalpackage merged... No doubt it was so written by the notorious Alexander Sergeyevich, whether he is noble Mealhada at the turn of the 20th and 21st century. But alas, fate decreed otherwise, and no one wrote a novel in verse about one of the most famous and biggest rock/metal festivals of our time. Well, have to Express in prose.More
Festival Baden in Blut. // Germany, Weil am Rhein
Near Basel there is a mysterious place Weil am Rhein (Weil Deswegen...!). There phone goes crazy and welcomes you every five minutes in France, in Germany, but mostly retains connection with the Swiss network. There crouched a little (man on one and a half thousand max) and extremely cosy festival with a bad name Baden in Blut. Festival day, so you are no tents and queues to the shower. But there is a great, relaxed atmosphere: no checks, no queues, no theft, and stubborn security. Three Beers..More
Festival RockFels: осторожно, многабукаф. // Germany, St. Goarshausen, Loreley
Some of the festival season begins in April, but I downshifting frenzy only applies to mid-June. And even this festival was not planned and was spontaneous and almost involuntary decision. As the initiative txctl was chosen RockFels, which takes place annually in Germany, near Koblenz. Very picturesque rocky hills (what an oxymoron) adorn the banks of the Rhine, in the area is scattered with castles various degrees of destruction. Some even have funny names such as Schloss Schloss Katz and Maus.More
22-25 September in Sochi will be an electronic music festival Sochi Music Weekend. Since the legendary SWMC (Sochi Winter Music Conference) in Sochi has not seen such scale and did not hear this sound. Now, three years later, is it time to bring electronic music into our lives? Sochi Music Weekend is three days of the most fresh music dance floors of the world, this new people, this is the biggest event on the coast. It will gather all.More
Support your favorite night club with DJ Magazine!
There is a famous British magazine, dedicated to electronic and dance music and DJs, DJ Magazine, DJ Mag or abbreviated. In 2016 it celebrates its 25th anniversary. DJ Mag has its own channel on You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/user/djmagtv) and is available in several languages. The magazine publishes an annual ranking of the hundred best DJs and hundreds of the best Nightclubs in the world. This rating is a very prestigious and they are proud of those who entered it.More