ESports tournament “Narayana” for CS:GO to Prince Plaza

November 16 in the framework of the project “Narayana” held tournaments on one of the most popular disciplines Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Main task is development and support urban youth communities, unlocking their potential and assisting in the development of various initiatives.

Those are mistaken who thinks this is easy and simple. In fact, gaming is a highly intellectual sport, with a very heavy and grueling training regime, a clear timetable and other difficulties. Thus, even novice players can quickly become the real star. With the modern dynamics of development of the gaming industry, it is not surprising if years, 4-5 talented gamers will be sponsored by the state together with professional players of the national team of the country.

The main purpose of all tactical team shooters for the defending side to prevent attackers to key positions on the map, and the main goal of the attackers as soon as possible to occupy one of key positions and hold it. Gameplay Counter Strike is in format with several rounds of match between two teams of players, one of which plays the role of "terrorists" and the other of contrerashermosilla; before each match, players choose a map on which to battle. The team can achieve victory in the round, simply killing all enemies or completing certain tasks, which may differ for different cards. At the beginning of each round, the players can buy weapons and support equipment for in-game currency; at the end of each round, the players receive a certain amount of virtual money which you can use to purchase more powerful and effective weapons in the next round.

Our judges:

Eugene Tsarkov - chief justice of the Federation computer sports of Moscow Sergey Savin

The schedule of the tournament

11:00-13:00 - round 1: 16 teams

13:00-15:00 - 2nd round: 8 teams.

14:00-16:00 - round 3: 4 teams

16:00-18:00 game for the 3rd place

18:00-20:00 finals

Address: TCColizeum Prince Plaza, ul. Union, 129A, 4th floor

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