Tatiana Sonkina

Tatiana Sonkina
My name is Tanya. I am a typical, or maybe not, a resident of the concrete jungle, looking for something new, fresh.
What I want to tell about yourself? By education I am a psychologist, but it so happened that the specialty is not working. I was fascinated by the completely different world – the world of photography and journalism.

I'm a freelance photographer, a connoisseur, critic a bit, and I love to travel. The thirst for knowledge was born with me, and the love of photography appeared in childhood. Time passed, and gradually a hobby turned into a profession and an integral part of my life. Friends and family it is hard to imagine me without a camera in hand. No trip is complete without pictures: amber sunsets, endless fields, snow-capped mountains and the boundless blue sea. But in fact, not only the beautiful shots make the trip special, so make it people that you meet on the way and the stories told by them.

In addition to the photo, and travel special love I have for art, theatre, music, cinema. Isn't it delightful when movement is born of the dance, the words of the song, and from the sounds of tune? And all that surrounds us... Envelops... Mesmerizing... underwhelming. All this is life. My life...
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