Postindustrial in the Czech Republic - Brutal Assualt festival - part 2

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Postindustrial in the Czech Republic - Brutal Assualt festival - part 2
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Tatiana Markina // MESIKA

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Before entering the festival field area with lockers, where you can for a small fee to hand over all their valuables.


Toilets are near the entrances to the VIP camp, that is the main number of the inhabitants of the usual camping, you have to first descend and then to climb the hill. Cleaning the toilets is held every morning for about 10 hours so we would not recommend a morning walk around the VIP-camps at this time. We also noticed a number of toilets in the city near the festival. At the festival there were also a few points where the toilets including fixtures only for boys. And it should be noted that there were sufficient – even in the busiest day did not have to stand in long queues.

Also for those who want to remember the comfort of the festival grounds provided for pay toilets (30 CZK) with ordinary ceramic bowls, paper and sinks with soap and water. However there was a line in the evening was impressive.

The soul is quite comfortable, but all they had to defend a considerable (about an hour, and on a rainy day about 40-50 minutes). Showers are shared and paid. Output in the shower is available if you leave here's a coin in the apparatus. The value of one coin is 30 CZK and lasts 3 minutes, but you can stop the water flow when you need. That is, the lowering of the token does not mean that immediately begins to pour water without interruption. The average girl is only 2 tokens, but if you already have a practice of showering in the mode of rigid economy of water, and one coin will be enough.

And those for whom enough cleanser, you can use the wash-hand basins, standing next to the shower area.

Activity and area

Festivals involve greater physical exertion, because there is a large number of pallets and benches where you can sit relax and take a breath. You can also provide refuge from the rain and snow of the sun in the fortress itself.


Those who do not have enough space on the field could for 200 crowns to buy a right up on the "podium", which was a hill, located directly opposite the main scenes, where to put benches. After payment hung extra white wristband.


This is a special place where the guests waited for the pub, meeting your favorite artists and the art gallery.

The organizers made a real gift for the guests and organized a Meet&Greet with most groups. The schedule was to see around the Oriental scene. Wishing to get an autograph, take a photo and exchange a few words with idol going long before the appointed time. Queues formed quite large, and if you do not have enough allocated time, that some groups, for example, Infected Rain, came out from behind the Desk and talked with his fans even closer.

The art exhibition included paintings and a bit of a shock the unprepared viewer installation and sculpture.


For moviegoers be equipped under a cinema in which free shown horror movies. In the same castle, but in another room was the area where you can lie on sofas, couches and look at the performance of some groups to play in "acoustics".

Brutal Play Zone

Gamers could also find something in the Brutal Play Zone. Here offers over CZK/half hour got table tennis, football and several kinds of Board games. In the same area stood a lot of tables and chairs where you can just relax and enjoy part of the festival on the field "down" and inquisitive audience read huge displays hanging on the fence, which describes the detailed history of the Brutal Assault.


Along with entertainment you can manage to do a small good deed. On BrutalAssaultсобирали signature petition against the deportation of Uzbek journalist Nurmatov, as it is at home, as I am sure the journalist, he will face prosecution. The journalist wants to stay in Russia, where he is now legally, since it is his family. "The people are friendly, willing to contact and leave a signature, so we have festivals good results," say the collectors of signatures. It turned out that in many countries there are offices to collect signatures, including in Russia, therefore don't exclude the possibility of meeting with these guys at other festivals.

Museum Metal Art

Fortress Josefov is not only the object of cultural heritage, but also the current Museum, which does not stop its work at the festival. Guests walk through a small section of the maze of the fortress. Adventure lovers who loves to touch the real history and to take in the conditions in which people lived several hundred years ago – you are here! Not recommend to visit this tour suffering from claustrophobia, but even if you are not susceptible to the disease, the fact of being in a narrow space with low ceilings and minimal lighting (floor standing candle that could only point you in a direction) leads you in an unusual state. "Artists and musicians don't care about the world as it is, they are interested in how he is perceived by the soul and what a feeling" - it is told in the description of the exhibition.

Installation, set in the recesses of the wall and symbolize the post-industrial culture, adds atmospheric the already magical place. Be prepared for the fact that you have to be frightened through the corridors but you roam workers, watching the candles, and any noises in such a place, and people are very acute, especially if you are addicted to some kind of exhibit.

The Nazgul

The Nazgul is a symbol of the festival. They roam within the Octagon sometimes pose guests and take pictures with them. But most often they can be observed, his head thrown back. The fact that they most of the time are on the top of the fortress-building, and noticing that people look at them, start to pose, and in the evening they appear in the hands of the torches.

Fire and light

The fire was not only the hands in that scene. At several points in the field of the festival, bonfires were lit, and the time uvremenu flames breaks out of their battlements of the wall. Also in the evenings on the walls of the fortress appear to be a moving projected image of symbols of festival.


At the festival it was impossible to stay without a connection – Wifi is available in the input group, in the bars and inside the Octagon, where there was a large number of seats, which rested everyone and shared their experiences online with friends and subscribers. Crashing was only once when the power went out in this part of the fortress. To be in the dark in the ancient structure was of course scary, but it only added to the adventurous spirit of the guests and employees. Light restored in about half an hour.

The city of Jaroměř fortress Josefov

A great bonus to the music program was a program of cultural, because the town Jaroměř fortress Josefov have very important historical value. In addition to the usual walk through the ancient streets you can visit several museums and cathedrals. To determine the excursion program you can find information online or decide on the spot according to your mood. The streets have signs and maps attractions.

Unlike Wacken Jaroměř resembles a city of metalheads, and they can be found, except that restaurants and lying on the grass in the parks. A strong concentration of guests is not felt, and the farther away from the festival gate, so it is below.


The festival imbued with the spirit of metal, Apocalypse and mystical antiquities. If it's bars, t necessarily in the fortress behind bars, if the chandelier, from the chains, if the fire is real. Here, as nowhere else you will meet an imp or a family of skeletons. Even a chair or a lamp can be stunning art objects.

It is surprising that such a limited area it is possible to organize such a famous and large-scale festival. Russian people here was very much the native language was heard everywhere – a tent camp in the queue in the shower or over a beer, in a crowd of raging metalheads. But in addition to Russian, Czechs and poles were also Germans, French, Italians. It is a holiday that unites all peoples of the world music and a friendly atmosphere. The organizers tried and put his heart and breathed life into the area post-industrial world called Brutal Assault.