Press conference with a designer from the Japanese fashion house Metamorphose temps de fille

Press conference with a designer from the Japanese fashion house Metamorphose temps de fille
Photo source:
Anna Shivanova // MESIKA

Metamorphose temps de fille is a Japanese brand created by the current President of Metamorphose and its designer, Kuniko Kato. Specializiruetsya to Metamorphose Lolita fashion&Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, their main focus is the subcategory Sweet Lolita. After the fashion show the designer of Metamorphose temps de fille Natsumi gave a short interview:

- This is the first time in Russia? What were your impressions?

Natsumi: Yes, for the first time. Here is a very beautiful building, so get very good photos. But compared to Japan is quite cold.

- Did you try local food? Do you like it?

Natsumi: I did my homework and checked the Internet for information about Russian food. Yesterday, I tried the soup. It was very tasty.

- Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a brand Metamorphose temps de fille?

Natsumi: I worked in Fukuoka, then moved to Osaka. Now the company has the design group, and I establish the contact between the designer and the customer – find out what the guest wants and giving it to the designers.

- Tell us about the history of the brand. How old is he and how did it start?

Natsumi: this year, the brand celebrated 39 years of its existence. Brand started in Osaka.

- Tell us about the concept of the brand.

Natsumi: Main theme – that of change. We try to make clothes for different tastes. Now around the world became popular WALOLITA. This is the direction in which are used Japanese motifs.

- How many designers working for the company?

Natsumi: Six.

- Will there be a reissue of the collection "Di VELCOM" (military design)?

Natsumi: This is a very old design. If you want something released from what it was before, then be sure to write the order.

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