Rock festival "Heroes of world rock" 2019

Rock festival "Heroes of world rock" 2019
The timing of the festival:
27 Jul 2019
The venue of the festival:
Kemerovo, the area of Summer station
A visa is required:
For citizens of Russia is required

27 July 2019 in the city of Kemerovo on the square Summer station will host the largest international rock festival "Heroes of world rock" in honor of the 25th anniversary of the company ZAO "Stroyservis" General partner of the project. The festival will feature world-class stars who have become legends of rock music.

Within Temptation — the team from around the world, which is more than 20 years, is a leader in rock music. The group has long entered the history of rock music, and soon their songs will hear the entire Kuzbass live! The band Within Temptation offers a rock festival not only new songs from the album Resist, but time-tested hits, and the majestic image of vocalist Sharon den Adel and her unique voice will impress even the most jaded fan of rock.

Accept is one of the most successful German rock bands of all time. Since the Foundation of the team has been almost 50 years and during this time the albums Accept entered the gold collection the world of rock music, and the leader of the group — wolf Hoffmann — consistently included in the rankings of the greatest guitarists in rock history. In 2017, the year Accept really surprised all fans of heavy music, presenting on the legendary Wacken Open Air festival, a unique joint program with the Symphony orchestra. The speech made such a strong impression on the audience, which was recognized as one of the brightest in the entire history of the festival! Kemerovo included in the top cities, which will be presented this unique Symphony program, along with Moscow and St. Petersburg.

HammerFall — one of the leading Scandinavian power metal bands nominated for the Swedish Grammy award and permanent participant in the global rock festivals, including Wacken Open Air, Nova Rock, Graspop Metal Meeting, Hellfest and Metalfest. The team, which had a key influence on the development of power metal and laid the foundations of the styles of epic and battle metal in Europe. The lyrics seem to come alive from the past of chivalry hikes, hymns and never-ending struggle for justice — that is why they are very popular among athletes, and the song Hearts On Fire even became the anthem of the Olympic team of Sweden.

Royal Hunt is a Danish rock band with Russian roots, because the founder and keyboardist Andre (Andrew) Andersen is of Russian origin. Successful thirty year career, millions of copies sold, endless world tours, 14 albums Studio — Royal Hunt can rightly be considered the founders of the Royal Rock, because they have defined the format of rock music that combines powerful and clean sounds. Sam Andre Andersen is one of the best keyboardists in rock music.

See you at the international festival "world Heroes of rock", which will be held on the square Summer station. For you will sing your best songs Within Temptation, Accept, HammerFall, Royal Hunt, and the leading of the festival is Nikolai Fomenko. No one can resist the "Heroes of world rock"!

The organizer of the festival traditionally will be the creative team of NCA is the author of the biggest festivals in Russia. Follow the news in the group of the festival "Heroes of world rock", the website, participate in contests and sweepstakes.

Entrance to the festival is free.