Support your favorite night club with DJ Magazine!

Support your favorite night club with DJ Magazine!

There is a famous British magazine, dedicated to electronic and dance music and DJs, DJ Magazine, DJ Mag or abbreviated. In 2016 it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

DJ Mag has its own channel on You Tube ( and is available in several languages.

The magazine publishes an annual ranking of the hundred best DJs and hundreds of the best Nightclubs in the world. This rating is a very prestigious and they are proud of those who entered it. Voting is in full swing and will last until 19 February, the winner will be announced in the April issue.

In order to participate in voting you must have an account on Facebook or Google+.

To vote you must choose only five of night clubs, so it is likely that your favorite restaurant may be in the coveted list.

Mesika friends with a wonderful night club Zouk Singapore, which for six consecutive years among the top ten of the world rankings and holds an annual festival of electronic music and music ZoukOut. So this year we vote for Zouk Singapore ( and wish him to be in the top three winners!

To support Zouk Out and you can vote here

With lists of TOP 100 best Nightclubs in the world for different years can be found here:

Below we have shown in the screenshots how to vote for favorite restaurant.

Support your favorite club worldwide!

Go to the page and push the TOP 100 CLUBS>>Vote

Accept the terms of the agreement

Choose Facebook or Google+

Enter your data:

Choose the five best, in your opinion, clubs:

Ready! We wish victory to Your favorite club!

Zouk Singapore, we support you!

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