Nova Rock 2018 - again four days Austrian fun

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Nova Rock 2018 - again four days Austrian fun
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The timing of the festival:
from 14 to 17 June 2018
The venue of the festival:
Pannonia Fields, Austria
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A visa is required:
The Schengen Area, Austria

About the festival

Grand festival Nova Rock has existed since 2005 and takes place in June in a location not far from the village of Nickelsdorf in the Burgenland near the Hungarian and Slovak borders.

This year the event will be held from 14 to 17 June. The organizers once again make the four-day festival. The festival will be 4 scenes, participants. The audience of about 150 000 people.

Basic information can be found on the website (available in German and partly in English), as well as on the page in Facebook

You can also read the article about Nova Rock 2016 and 2017 in the section of the Festival experience is about how the team Musmeci she took part in the celebration.

This year check in will be available from 9am on 13 June.


Blue and Red scenes are located around 200 metres from each other. The stage of the Red Bull Brandwagen is on the left side of the entrance gate. Singer Songwriter Stage is located on site in the area of Grill & Chill Area.

Camping: General rules

  • The organizers are not responsible for damage, injury or theft in the area of camping and Parking.
  • Instruction of security staff must be followed at any time.
  • Camping and access to the area camping is only permitted with a valid ticket for Nova Rock.
  • Camping is included with festival pass and day ticket.
  • Camping is allowed only in specially designated areas.
  • Do not obstruct roads, escape routes and emergency exits.

BBQ: If you want to barbecue, you can use the available grid in the area of the Volume Grill & Chill Area. You can bring food or buy the ingredients for the BBQ at the festival venue. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire or open flame in the area of the grill and rest. So please do not bring your own grill.

  • Party tent: For reasons of environmental protection and safety the organizers do not suggest to pitch a tent party (tent). However, if you decide to take one of them, please share it with other guests and make sure that it covers at least 50% of your bed.
  • Tents: Please do not leave the tent in the campsite after the festival. This will help reduce pollution and save you money.
  • Cleanliness: keep the environment and the campsite clean!


  • Camping outside of designated areas for camping is strictly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to use gas cartridges, cylinders and flammable liquids.
  • Open fire is strictly forbidden (you can do BBQ in the area of the Volume Grill & Chill Area).
  • Glass
  • Bulky items (sofa, couch, plywood, etc.)
  • Digging holes is strictly prohibited!
  • Beer trays, beer tables, benches or any other bulky items
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Weapons or objects similar to weapons, any fireworks
  • Pets
  • Any extremist flags or banners

Camping trailer (Caravan camping)

In the Parking lot there is a separate area to accommodate trailers. It is just a few minutes from the main events of the festival.

Caravans should arrive no earlier than the opening hours of the festival, otherwise they will not be able

The arrival times of the trailers will change from time to time. For more information please pay attention to the signs and the signs on the highway before the exit Mönchhof

Rules and Regulations for Caravan camping
the campsite for trailers subject to the General rules of the festival
• Access to the campsite is granted only to visitors with a valid ticket camping and arriving with the trailer. (Please have your ticket at the entrance)
• a trailer is considered a vehicle, which accommodates all passengers with sleeping space.
• folding design is also considered as caravans.
• Vehicles with a length of over 11 meters and weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are not allowed in the area of the trailers.
• Cars are not allowed in the area of the trailers.
• For the trailer or camper is permitted to use only one tent (tent). For security reasons, sleeping in tents is not permitted.
• Tents next to the vehicles is prohibited.

Quiet and clean camping trailer (Silent & clean caravan camping)

• for each caravan booked 80 sqm on the ticket.
• every step has its own trash bag and the container that will be emptied every morning. Nevertheless, every visitor would still have to leave "a Deposit for the garbage" and get your own trash bag at the entrance gate. In turn, the employee will collect your garbage bags on Saturday, from 18:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday from 6:00 until 11:00 directly in the area of trailers. Empty or half-filled garbage bags will be accepted, and your Deposit will still be returned.
• Every morning in this area will be a quick cleaning.
• Since this area is located on the far side, the noise from the festival will be.
• The area is also close to the exit, which will soon be coming and going.
• Music is only allowed from 11:00 to 20:00 and with moderate sound.
• Music and power permitted from 20.00 to 11.00.
• Anyone violating this rule will be excluded from the area.
• Security personnel will monitor the area day and night several times.
• There will be a lot of portable toilets.
• Showers, conventional toilets and comfortable toilets are located 300 metres from the ordinary trailerbuy zone.

Early camping (Early Camping)

Arrive early for ticket at 4 in the morning on June 12 to 8 a.m. June 13. To register officially from 9 am, June 13.

Here is some information:
• Beginning on Tuesday, June 13, at 16:00
• Price:
Early camping per person 25 Euro
Early camping in the caravan space € 60

Green camping (camping Green)

Green camping is ideal for those who loves rock-n-roll at the festival, but still like peace and cleanliness at the campsite. Green camp is a separate area for visitors who care about the environment and who want to enjoy a peaceful rest after a day full of festival madness. The idea of green camping area is that it is self-regulating.

If you love the environment and want to become a "green caravan", you can pre-register for green camping. You will then receive permission to visit the green campsite at the entrance gate. If you break any of the rules of green camping, you will be sent.

A tent-hotel (hotel tent)

Also available exclusive and private camping with the already broken tents for two people which can be booked as a hotel room.

Your advantages:
• No need to bring own tent
• No need to buy or rent a tent
• No stress when pitching the tent
• no need to clean
• You save your energy. You'll need it for parties at the festival.
The package includes:
• Comfortable twin tent with 2 camping mats and 2 sheets (note: you will have to bring your own sleeping bag)
• Secure camping
• Resepshn (includes Wake-up — who wants to sleep favorite band?)
• Hire an inflatable mattress for visitors with disabilities
• Selling sleeping bags

Glamping (living in houses)

You can book one of the limited rock chalets or overnight lodges. Prices for rock chalets and houses.

Your back will thank you!


Wooden cottage for 4 people

2 bunk beds

Bed sheet + mattress

hooks for clothes




tent for 5 people

inflatable mattresses

Tickets for Nova Rock can still be purchased at the link.

The official app

Download the official app Nova Rock, which will become your best informative and compact buddy throughout the festival!

The application gives you any information you want to know about Nova Rock. You will have direct access to the map of the festival, the schedule and various information about the artists. At any time and in any place.

If you don't want to miss something, you can mark and lock time performances of their favorite bands is the app Nova Rock will create a personalized schedule and inform you of the beginning of the speech on time.




In exchange for your ticket at the entrance to the festival you are given a bracelet. The barcode of each ticket will be checked . Please save your ticket to avoid delays. The bracelet will be worn by our staff and is not transferable.

People with disabilities

To ensure that people with disabilities were able to attend the festival with the least stress, the following is done:

  • Available a special area for people with disabilities. Located on the VIP Parking.
  • Additionally available area with special toilets. Camping is only available for people with disabilities and the respective ticket is allowed plus one Escort.
  • On both scenes (Blue and Red), you can find a platform for people with disabilities. Access is only for people with disabilities and the respective ticket, plus one accompanying person is allowed.
  • Throughout the festival you can find qualified medical personnel. They will help you in any way.

Emergency services
Fire Department: (+43) 122
Police: (+43) 133
Ambulance: (+43) 144

Report any fire hazard situations to local authorities. In case of fire immediately call the fire Department and the local authorities, regardless of whether the fire seems small or already extinguished.

Points first aid and paramedics are located near major scenes, and on-site camping and caravan.

First aid

On the festival territory every day work of the Red Cross and nearly 100 nurses and doctors from different States of Austria. First aid in camp and also on the festival field will be available 24 hours a day. Station of the red cross on the Blue and red Stage will work during performances.
Here are some tips that will help you to avoid emergency situations:

The right clothes

  • Sun protection – wear a hat to avoid sunstroke, use sunscreen to prevent sunburn
  • Rain protection - the weather conditions can be unpredictable
  • Warm clothes at night might catch a cold.
  • Procine boots - as the festival venue is on the field, the land is not completely flat. So please wear strong shoes to prevent injury of the ankle joint.

Health and well-being

  • Don't forget to drink enough non-alcoholic drinks - at least two to three liters (at the festival there are free drinking fountains!)
  • Take a break - the festival can be tiring, not too hard and relax from time to time.
  • The hearing protection - we advise you to use berushi in front of the stage or near the speakers (you can get free virusi in several places at the festival!)
  • Don't forget to bring headache tablets and a sufficient number of prescribed medications.
  • To treat minor injuries, bring a small first aid kit, including Leicester, tweezers, etc.
  • Please note that the Red Cross does not provide any contraceptives or "morning after pill".

Medications prescribed by doctors, you can order directly on the website of the festival.
MED-Shuttle operates daily and you will receive the necessary medication. The fee for a prescription or service fees will be charged in advance.
Bring the medication can be stored in the refrigerator at the station red cross at the campsite.

The red Cross will help you with any incidents and are available around the clock. Please do not hesitate to ask them if you need help!

Information / lost and found

Information Desk / lost and found located between the campsite and area for parties on the right side of the gate. If you need information about the festival, schedule of buses and trains, you can get it there. The information Desk is also available from the campsite.
In case of rain you can also get a raincoat.
Lost items not claimed during the festival will be collected in the municipality of Nickelsdorf from Tuesday 14 June.
El. Email:
Phone: +43 (0) 21 46/22 01
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00.


Sanitary facilities located in the camping area, caravans and the main area of the festival.

You will find a sufficient number of flush toilets in the camping area caravans, the main area of the festival, as well as in the area of the red stage and Blue stage and in the Seating area. In addition, in the area of the festival will also be portable toilets at several points. Sanitary facilities at the campsite include a sufficient number of showers. You can take a shower for free.

As the demand for hygiene at the festival increases every year, we will provide comfortable showers and toilets to complement existing sanitation facilities. They will be cleaned by qualified cleaning personnel. Give clean a chance!

Water fountains

Several drinking fountains can be found in the sanitary facilities at camping and caravan. Drinking fountains are also located near the Blue stage and next to the toilets in the red area of the scene. In addition, there will be a controlled point of distribution, where the staff of the festival will hand out mugs with water.


If your caravan has broken down or you need help with your caravan, you can visit the facility ÖAMTC in the area of the caravans. If you have any problems with the car, consult the service centre ÖAMTC, or ask the car Park operator. They will help you immediately. Don't forget to activate the emergency beacon in the night, to make it easier to find your car.

Early camping

Beginning Tuesday, June 13, at 16:00
Early camping per person € 20 - tickets available at the entrance
The early trailer in the space Caravan € 40 tickets available at the entrance
Note: on Tuesday, June 13th, special trains will not. Keep in mind that conventional trains have limited capacity. Please keep in mind that the environment in the area of the festival there are Shuttle buses, which means you may have to take a taxi from the train station to the festival area

Prohibited on the territory of the festival:

  • It is prohibited to use gas cartridges, cylinders and flammable liquids.
  • Open fire
  • Flammable liquids
  • Glass
  • Bulky items (sofa, couch, plywood, etc.)
  • Digging holes is strictly prohibited!
  • Beer trays, beer tables, benches or any other bulky items
  • Bicycles and motorcycles
  • Weapons or objects similar to weapons, any fireworks
  • Pets
  • Monopods in the Central zone
  • Any extremist flags or banners
  • Shelter during a thunderstorm
    In the case of thunderstorms the organizers advise all visitors of the festival to proceed to their vehicles. Also, please help others and give them shelter if necessary.

    Green Camping:
    All the guests of this zone do not have to pay 5 Euro Deposit for garbage, if you show a green check camping + ID card at the entrance. The remaining € 5 will be refunded when you return your (at least) half-full garbage bag.
    All guests Silent & Clean Caravan will not have to pay 10 euros, if they will show the ticket at the entrance.
    Day tickets:
    If you register the day before your one day ticket will be valid (for example: check in Friday day ticket for Saturday), you will need to pay 10 Euro (Deposit for garbage + fee)
    If you register on the day of your ticket (example: check in Friday day ticket for Friday), you have to pay 10 Euro (Deposit for garbage + fee)
    If you enroll in the day when your ticket is valid for (e.g., check-in to Friday with a daily ticket for Friday), but you don't have camping equipment, you don't need to pay 10 euros.

    What is NOVA ROCK Card?
    The card allows you to pay for purchases at the festival map, similar to a Bank. Card equipped with RFID chip. The money will be deposited directly onto your Card. The card is available in different variants.

    How do I pay by Card?

    • Get your Cashless Card in place of Replenishment (Ladestation) and add the desired amount. Deposit for the Card is 5 €.
    • Any financial transaction in the festival venue and camping will be across the Map. Cash will not be accepted. Exception: the Deposit of garbage, Shuttle buses and afternoon Buses (to get to the bathing area).
    • The payment process. Keep your Card on the payment device, check the amount on the display, and a team of bartenders will confirm the payment. Errors cannot be corrected later, and cannot be cancelled. Amount is deducted from the balance. Only when the payment process is completed, you will receive a product/service.
    • Hint: before you get in line, for example, in a bar, always keep your balance, to avoid double Queuing due to lack of funds.
    • All non-cash card is printed a unique digital code.
    • Paste this code on or app Nova Rock, and you can instantly see your current balance and transactions (requires Internet connection). In addition, you can check your current balance for all subsidiary stations, Top-Up and command bar.
    • Personalization. You can also personalize your card. For this you need to specify your email address, your name and surname at Thus, you can disable the Card in case of loss, you can have the remaining funds on the Card are translated back into online (you need to provide your Bank details separately before transmission).
    • In addition to the ability to get back the balance that you can easily return in the Internet (only available with personalization), you can also get paid by cash in one of the major stations of replenishment (near the point of issuance of the bracelet at the entrance of the festival venue and camping near the food court).

  • Where can I get the Map?
    You can get your Card at the festival each point of recharge (Ladestation)

    Is there a Deposit for the Card?

    Yes, the card charges a Deposit of 5 €. This amount will be deducted from your first Deposit. This means that when you receive your Card and add 100 € to it, it will be the balance in the amount of 95 €. The remaining 5 € will be kept as Deposit and will be blocked. You will get back the Deposit only when you return the Card. The Deposit can only be refunded in cash in exchange for the Map. The return Card is only possible on the marked points until Sunday 18.06.2017 12:00.
    How can I add money to a cashless card?

    You can buy a credit voucher Nova Rock in advance in the online store (store will be open soon). When a sale is completed you receive a code that you can use on the website to quickly get the map (quick access for holders of vouchers). Credit vouchers are available in the following options:
    • 100 €
    • 500 €

    You can refill the card on the spot any quantity at each point Top-Up using
    • Bank card (Maestro)
    • credit card (Visa, Master Card)
    • or cash.
    Transferring cash by entering your PIN or signing the credit card receipt, you confirm replenishment. Only your Bank according to their TOS can help you in the case of abuse of your Bank card/credit card by third parties.

    At Top-Up Stations, you can also add funds. It makes sense to replenish suitable amount immediately.

    In the case of processing, the guest has no right to spend money. The organizers reserve the right to correct these errors as soon as the cause will become obvious.

    What is the Station Replenishment and where to find it?
    Points refill is specially set containers where you can
    • receive your Card
    • Replenish the balance
    • check your current balance
    • to help you with your questions.
    In addition, there are three main points of Deposit, which are larger and better staffed (one near the point of the bracelets,the second at the entrance to the venue and another one in the camp near the food court) where you can also get the refund in cash.
    the recharge points will work around the clock, but remember that night to watch a small team, so standing in the queue may be delayed.

    Hours recharge stations?
    Entering the main Station (see Map of area Top-Up Stations) operate around the clock and will be distributed to Card-crew here on demand. This is also the night but mention that is only a small duty team and perhaps a longer waiting time.

    Where can I see your current balance?
    • All non-cash card is printed a unique digital code.
    • Paste this code on or app Nova Rock
    • and you can always see your current balance and transactions (requires Internet connection). In addition, you can check your current credit balance for all subsidiary stations, Top-Up and command bar.

    Is there a limit on the amount of contributions received?

    Generally, no restrictions on funds. But it makes sense to put suitable amount on the entire festival at once:

    • You will save yourself from some unnecessary trips to refill.
    • You will not happen the situation that you find yourself in the bar and in the calculation you will understand that money is not enough
    • You can easily and conveniently get their money, so better to add too much than too little (see "How do I get my money?").

    After the festival you can easily return your remaining balance online (only possible for personalization of the Card).
    Please note that online retransfer is only active from Monday, 19.06.2017 14:00. At this point, all transactions of the festival is guaranteed to be synchronized in the system.
    You must arrange an online retransfer to 17 Jul 00:00.
    When you return to the Austrian account number, no transfer of a fee or fees will be deducted.
    Internal transfer may take up to 5 working days. With foreign accounts, the organizers reserve the right to retain the cost of treatment or service. Depending on the country, the transfer may take from several days to several weeks
    At the festival
    You can return the remaining funds in cash directly at the festival in one of the main points of recharge (see above).

    The card system saves time, is easy to handle and will reduce the waiting time in public eating places.

    Conventional financial transaction with the cash always takes more time. With a map length reduced to a minimum. No need to constantly carry cash, and the system increases the security and transparency of payment transactions and leaves the guest with no worries. For more benefits take advantage of Personalization.

    Will the ATM?
    Not a single one ATM. Why you need cash:
    • Buses
    • Shuttles to the place of bathing
    • Deposit for garbage.

    How in the safety of my data?
    To protect your data and credit balance of guests using the most modern technology and encryption methods. Reliability and data security are a top priority.

    What happens if my card gets damaged?
    Every guest is obliged to properly and carefully store your Card. The organizers are not responsible for neglect on the Map (for example, damage / loss / theft non-personalized Cards) or misuse by the guest.

    How can I disable my Card?
    If you have lost your Card, you can notify our team, and provided that your Card is personalised and the data is successfully saved in our system, your Card can be disabled. This may take several minutes until your card is fully disabled.

    Unfortunately, the organizers cannot be held responsible for the misuse of your Card at a time until it can be completely disabled by the service. Tip: take care of your cards!

    Can the system break?
    Scrapping the system is virtually impossible. Due to the possibility of data transmission over a mobile network requires no special infrastructure, professional monitoring system is ongoing in the network. In the case of failures in a mobile network or connect to the Internet on the website, the system also works reliably in offline mode and is therefore fault-tolerant.

    All transactions will be conducted exclusively in EUR.

    The bathing area

    Near the festival venue you will find a place where you can swim: Strandbad Podersdorf/Neusiedlersee. If the weather is good, will be transferred to the lake and swimming pool Podersdorf. The bus departs from the bus terminal to the festival venue. Tickets are available at the bus stop and costs € 8 for a return ticket.

    In case of bad weather the bus will take you to the Terminal SV. Martin (thermal source) for the same rate. You will receive a 20% discount for your bracelet.
    The entrance to the lake:
    Day ticket: EUR 5, -
    Ticket 14:00: 4.40 euros

    How to get to the festival:

  • From Vienna
    As in previous years, from Vienna to the venue of the festival there is a direct bus.
    The starting point is Vienna (Erdberg bus station is the U3, Erdberg). The bus takes you directly to the bus stop to the venue of the festival Nova Rock. No traffic - no buses - no worries about Parking.

    The bus provides spacious trunk with enough room for all your tents, sleeping bags and other things. The bus leaves back to Vienna the night after the last show. Thus, it is perfect for day visitors.

    Bus and taxi

    At the train station Nickelsdorf buses will take you directly to the venue of the festival. For only 6 € you can take the bus on weekends for unlimited travel between the festival area, train station and city centre Nickelsdorf.

    Note: Shuttle buses will only operate from Wednesday to Sunday. On Tuesday, June 13 (Early camp) will not be served by taxis.

    In addition, you can also take a taxi to the square of the festival. Please make sure that you take a taxi Nova Rock. Only those who are allowed access to the festival area, will be guaranteed a standardized price.


    In addition to music Rock on Nova you will find plenty of entertainment and activities:

    • Bungee jumping
    • Amusement Park
    • Tent with entertainment from Jägermeister
    • Disco till 5 in the morning
    • Swimming
    • Autograph tent
    • and more

    Corporate glass

  • We have the perfect souvenir for you every day from 13:30 to 16:00 you can order your drink in a branded glass 0.5 litre Nova Rock Limited Edition. (As long as stocks are available). Just pay attention to the special glass on your most popular beer stand. There's a chance that you will find our glass limited edition anywhere. The Deposit is the same as for regular glasses. And if you want to keep it as a memory, just don't bring it back.


A VIP ticket provides exclusive access to the two-story VIP tent. VIP tent is located between the red and Blue scenes. Its home the style and atmosphere of the Executive lounge invite you to relax. Start your day with a delicious coffee or other drink amazing. Enjoy an exotic cocktail and relax in the hammock on the sun terrace. Two food trucks with a varied menu to provide additional variety of products.

There are a limited number of tickets for VIP-zone. VIP tickets include access to the VIP area, viewing platform, Parking space in the VIP Parking area, VIP camping and a permanent camp. Get your ticket here:

NOTE. Access to VIP Parking is available for all who arrive early. Parking can be busy if you arrive late. Please have your VIP ticket for inspection when access to Parking.


You want to light at the festival, but you can do without the camping, and all that is connected with it? Then you have a good rest in a comfortable first class hotel:

VIP ticket includes festival

A reception with shampanskim hotel. Martins Therme

4 nights in room with Breakfast in the hotel. Martins Therme

Daily transfer from the hotel to the venue of the festival (there will be two different departure time for your path and back to the hotel)

Tickets for the hot springs St Martins thermal Spa and the lake for all your stay.

Access to the VIP area at the festival Nova Rock.

Get your tickets here:

To read the report MUSMECI about the festival at the link.


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